Can anyone tell me what this is

Hey so I posted before here. I’m just wondering what’s going on with me . Everytime I talk to someone or go out in public I hear people talking about me. If I’m talking to the person I’ll hear them say something rude to me in there voice in my Head. When I’m alone I don’t hear the voices and some days the voices don’t talk as much. I thought maybe I’m telepathic or something . My mom says that she doesn’t hear anyone’s voice in her head when she talking to them or when she’s out and about . Alot of times the person makes fun of me.

Sounds like some kind of psychosis. Probably need to find yourself a psychiatrist to get yourself properly diagnosed. And get medicine if needed.

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Thats your schizophrenia my friend.

Same thing happened to me when I was on risperidone I switched to invega and no longer have that problem

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That can be the toughest part.
The voices aren’t communicating with you telepathically; instead, your hearing them in your head instead of out loud.

I had the same problem.
Stay strong!

Try and work through it without medication; until that point you can’t go on anymore; then ask for medication.

It may be an episode or until enough time passes for the voices to stop, or move on to another topic @Michael_B

Yeah I don’t want to use medication. I been insulting them back in my head and it makes me feel alot better. What did you do to make it go away? Yeah it’s weird because it doesn’t happen all the time only certain times.

That happens because of high-dopamine or chemical activity. I dont think its actually real though. When you have heightened chemicals like dopamine its like a waking REM state, so it may appear to be like people are saying things–and sometimes you notice feedback. If you think of it like noticing the static on a tv screen without the channels plugged in–the mind/brain makes patterns out of the static, but in the end its just static noise. You can debate on the nature of reality itself–whether or not at the core of consciousness is like this–or if most people are at peace. Have serenity.

Because of my heightened chemicals/bipolar or schizophrenia, I can sense things others cannot. I have extra sensory hearing–I can hear frequencies and subliminals, I can also hear people’s thoughts but that is so confusing to make sense out of–its better to block that out anyways, and humans haven’t evolved that ability enough yet to learn to contextualize what consciousness is and how language is produced. Mania is great, I love it, and I drink coffee or take B-Vitamins, Niacine, to induce the telepathic state.

I used to drink SOBE before they stopped selling them, the energy drinks they made me psychic because of the high vitamin B content. I could list off numbers and solve equations without trying, it just came to me. I could pass exams by guessing, and that was like the second stage of my schizophrenia, the mania. Instead of letting it destroy me—I learned non-attachment, and listening to meditation music, breathing exercises—reading Tibetan eastern thinkings, and questionning reality actually helped me learn more to overcome the fear and stigma of thinking I know the nature of reality/or hearing peoples thoughts.

But in the end it really is more like an REM dream state, subjective and internal. Everyone has an internal clock, most people wont see you as a source of criticism they are prob more afraid you are judging them too we are a lot more alike whether we have a chemical imbalance or not. People just like to think they are loved and wanted for being themselves…

I suspect you have paranoid schizophrenia. Here is your positive symptoms, you should up your med dose or change it until its too late and you will be drowning in your delusions

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How come it only happens when I’m in certain places or around people and why is it always a different voice . The same person voice who I’m talking to. I like to think maybe I’m just telepathic and can hear others thoughts and they can hear mine.

You might be over thinking it.
If around certain people, it could be a vibe.

The main voice might be a auditory hallucination trigger.

The telepathy might be a internal voice that sounds like telepathy; or internal commentary hallucination.

Is there anyway to get over this without medication?

Probably not. But try to live as healthy as you can

I’m not sure, if you can with therapy.
You might need medication.

Thanks for the replies appreciate it. We’ll my brother came by today and said I should check into a mental hospital so I can get properly diagnosed. Since I asked my mom what she said and she said she didn’t say anything but i heard her thinking i don’t give a ■■■■ and was in her voice and when I asked she said I didn’t say anything. I told my brother i will think about it because I know it’s not real but at the same time I’m starting to believe that it is. What do you think I should do? I don’t want to gain alot of weight and have no personality but also I don’t want to think I’m telepathic. It makes me hate people before I even get to know them before they even say a word to me from there mouth.

You need a psychiatrist and probably Meds. It seems to be psychosis of some kind. Especially since you say you are starting to believe it’s real. Not all meds make you gain a lot of weight. And we still have personality :crazy_face: It’s good that you have enough insight to question it though.

You’re suffering from psychosis. Hallucinations and delusions are part and parcel of the disorder. Early treatment provides the best chance of a positive outcome, so seek treatment ASAP.

Good luck.

I’m not sure why you heard that.
Maybe it was you answering for her; forecasting what you think she would think.

I believe in therapy, it’s called “mind reading”.

Please try and see someone about figuring out if medication would help or not.

With them you usually gain weight.

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