Talked to pdoc: current plan

Background story:
Took APs first 4 years, then got off for good,
Next two years I took antidepressants off and on. Benzodiazepines somewhat the first four years and consistently for the last two years (6 years since psychotic break)

The past 6 weeks I’ve been off all medication, I could still function and manage, but I thought hard about it all, talked to the pdoc, and I am going to get back on the SSRI and Benzo, because I am aware that they are better for me and my overall wellbeing.

Sidenote: a friend of the family helped get a appointment with a well known
psychoneurologist rehabilitationer (forgot job name)
to try to link my childhood TBI/psychotic break to different possiblites of treatment, such as anti-seizure or anti-epilepsy medication.


Hey your path has been similar to mine. Was on AP, AD and benzo for a while, then went off AP, then all the rest, then I ended up going back on an AD a couple months ago.

Hope you find a combo that works for you


that sounded like a wise decision

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Yes I made a calculated decision to get on this medication.

When I was off them I just didn’t feel as consciously aware along with other issues, making me decide to get back on them.
It will take time to rebuild the SSRI in my system.

I’m not a fond believer in a pharmaceutical answer, (not that I don’t believe in it)
I believe more in psychotherapy, personality, relations, psychoanalysis, family systems therapy etc, approach.
Weirdly enough, getting off APs where the greatest step forward for me when it came to recovery, (something that may be incongruent to data)

But everyone needs to find what is best for them.

Hopefully I’ll have good results getting back on the SSRI and anti-anxiety medication,
Might talk to my pdoc about trying a new SSRI.

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