Coming off meds with pdoc's approval

Going to try this again. No meds except lithium to treat my mania and depression. I’m going to give myself another month before reaching out for a job again. As the meds were leaving my system yesterday, I became a crying mess. That’s gone now, and I’m feeling better without meds. Pdoc is sticking with the idea of PTSD with psychotic features. He said if we treat the PTSD, the psychosis will fall in line. I live in Arizona near Phoenix, and the heat is unbearable this time of year - 110F today. Maybe I’ll start up work again in October when ■■■■ cools off. Until then, I am on vacation!

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Good luck again @anon40540444 I hope things go smooth sailing for you.

Are you thinking of any therapy or CBT for the PTSD?

Thanks James. I have been through the ringer on therapy. Nothing works. I had 5 years of heavy heavy physical abuse by my dad, and another 15 months of hell I’m not even going to get into. Suffice it to say I have night terrors and wake up kicking and screaming. Sleeping pills don’t work. I am receiving disability for the PTSD with psychotic features.

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Hey @anon40540444 Sounds like a good plan. Your pdoc seems pretty cool and understanding, this is important. I wish you all the best with this. Yeah meds are always an issue for me as well. Take care alien

Hey @Wave Yes, my pdoc is very understanding. I’ve been on APs for a long time, and he says my liver has just become too efficient breaking down the meds, so they’re virtually worthless on me.

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Wow that is something @alien99 - It makes sense to come off your meds, especially when you explained it this way - again good luck with it

Good luck-I think things will work out for you-especially if you are on vacation!!! Wish you all the best XOX