Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia - NY Times

The findings, from by far the most rigorous trial to date conducted in the United States, concluded that schizophrenia patients who received smaller doses of antipsychotic medication and a bigger emphasis on one-on-one talk therapy and family support made greater strides in recovery over the first two years of treatment than patients who got the usual drug-focused care.

In the new study, doctors used the medications as part of a package of treatments and worked to keep the doses as low as possible — in some cases 50 percent lower — minimizing their bad effects.

Last Friday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published in its influential guidelines a strong endorsement of the combined-therapy approach. Mental health reform bills now being circulated in Congress “mention the study by name,” said Dr. Robert K. Heinssen, the director of services and intervention research at the centers, who oversaw the research.


Can I just mention that friends and ‘family’ in a 12 Step Group are a good alternative for loners like me? The meds didn’t really start working until my then sponsor dragged me out to meetings and got me talking to people. That’s when I started getting better.



I take it that it was a meeting for the mentally ill. How can I find such a group?

That was a good read. I am glad to see more research being done into sz.

In a manner of speaking: Alcoholics Anonymous.

Been clean and sober for 23+ years. I don’t see why you can’t substitute any other 12 Step Program, though. It’s the interacting, the sharing, and the developing of a positive attitude that helps the most. The meds are – at best – a foundation to build on. Up to the individual taking them to do the building.



My doctor told me a couple of times that I was a good guy. It helped me immensely to hear that.


“smaller doses of medication”


“one on one talk therapy and family support” … ,

Yep , We Are Getting There Yo Yo’s … ,

Before You Celebrate Lyke Carayzee Weirdos , Chill For a Bit and Talk To Your Inner Well being Friend OR Friends For a Bit … ,

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Meditation ,

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and Or Perhaps Your Well Trusted Counselour … ,

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I was lucky enough to get this type of treatment back in the 70’s when the insurance I had paid for talk therapy 3 times a week up to a max of $50,000.00.

I had a psychiatrist and a psychologist and saw the psychologist 3 times a week for the first 2 years, and then once a week. The medicines available were typical aps but the care was far superior to the 15 minute med sessions that most of you seem to be surviving on.

I was able to hold a job and do some socializing almost immediately while talking out real-life problems in therapy as they came up, despite the fact that I was still fighting delusions.

I’m not saying that others might not have a more difficult time but just that I thought at the time that my care was excellent and that I learned enough from the psychologist to handle real-life problems as they came up despite having schizophrenia. And I learned to distinguish between delusion and reality even while I was “having delusions.”


Is this approach really helpful though for those who don’t think they are ill and therefore don’t see the need to engage with therapy-be it drug and/or talk?
Is it a good approach for the wide range of people with sz or more tailored to those at the “more well” end of the sz spectrum ?

I was not at all at the well end of anything when my sponsor started dragging me to AA meetings. Not one bit.


Look up NAMI they have group therapy in a lot of major cities and activities that you can get involved with.

Example Rite Here @rhubot ,

and Yes e(Y)e have Made Mistakes but e(Y)e Am Going To Ask Him a Question … ,

and Thus Is Where it Hurts Everyone … ,

@firemonkey Do You have Schizophrenia (???)

That’s what this sight is for me ,im not big on face up therapy although it is great for those that are into it.

I have been upfront about this on several occasions previously but will repeat for your benefit.

1975-circa 1983 schizophrenia
Circa 1983-2005 schizoaffective mixed type
2005-? personality disorder NOS
?- to present date paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid PD is regarded as a schizophrenia spectrum PD. When I first came on these forums circa 1998/99 I had a schizoaffective dx.

I have posted this before but will post again.

Here is the risk history as culled from my psychiatric notes:

Risk history- delusions, ideas of self harm/suicide ideation,impulsivity /lack of impulse control(risk history) History of non compliance in the past. I can’t remember this.

Treatment related indicators- Failure to attend appointments (risk history and current(then))

Person circumstances indicative of risk: severe stress(risk history),

Behaviour indicative of risk:
deliberate self harm,alcohol/drug abuse (risk history)

Another risk assessment. Things ticked yes or both yes and no

Previous suicide attempt (y) admitted to a low/medium unit(y) Evidence of being dangerously impulsive to others(y and n) Has the client expressed but not demonstrated aggressive behaviour(y) Has the client threatened physical/psychological harm(y) Has the client expressed paranoid delusions featuring certain individuals(y and n) The client is unable to adequately communicate need(y and n)

Also mention of confused and paranoid thinking and problems expressing myself clearly especially when angry/agitated/frightened. Difficulties with perception.

I am not sure why some are y and n.

I have to point out that any so called “aggressive” behaviour was directed at mental health staff not other patients.

Have in the past been regarded as experiencing psychotic symptoms and indeed though not classified as a psychotic disorder short episodes of psychosis can and do occur with paranoid PD. Only a few years ago I was described as having “psychotic symptoms”

As I have said before and will say again if enough people question my right to be here then I would seriously consider leaving here.

In my defence I would say this- although most here have a diagnosis of sz/sz-a this is an inclusive forum for those,past or present, who have experienced psychosis. Experience of psychosis going beyond a dx of sz or sz-a…

Dude It Was a Simplistic Question … ,

So You Have Something Called “paranoid personality disorder” (???)

It seemed like a question with the aim of challenging my right to be be on this forum especially as I have always been upfront about my diagnostic and symptom history.

You Didn’t Answer My Question Yo … ,

and No , e(Y)e Don’t Care If You Are On Thus Forum … ,

So Chill …

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I didn’t see the need as I had already stated I was currently dxed with paranoid personality diorder. I have always been upfront about my past and present diagnosis.

Lissen e(Y)e Don’t Have T(Y)me To Read Your Already Written and Revised “exclusive” Edition Of Self Defending Your Lightweight “terrible” Diagnosis … ,

Jus Give me a Quick Overview Of Your Personal Definition With Your Very Own Monkey Brain , Without tha Fire Please …