Talk about the weather

Tell me more about the weather where you live in…
I live in Malaysia,I like the weather here because its not chilling cold or scotching hot that could affect me,but I also feel that the weather in other country is beautiful example there is winter(snow) and autumn(nice trees,leaves) but I am thankful for the weather in my country


Storming real bad here at times when its not storming it is extremely hot
The storms here have spawned tornadoes, not long enough to cause damage due to the geography of the land but they are trying.

Your weather does sound good. Thats how it can be in the spring here, but typically its pretty bad.

We have four strong distinct seasons here. Hot in the summer, cold in winter. My favorite season is coming up, fall. I hope to spend more time outside this year.


I live in California, in the Bay Area. We are known for our good weather. Summers are hot, but not TOO many hot days.Our winters are relatively mild but we will have a few big storms each year. Fall is nice, spring is mild weather too. I don’t know what or when Autumn is, lol.

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I live somewhere in the US northeast (or more specifically what is called New England)

We have cold winters and tend to get a good amount of snow but it is also very nice in the summer. The seasons are also very distinct here too, in the fall the leaves turn brilliant reds and oranges and bus loads of old people from other regions apparently show up just to see it (they are referred to as ‘leaf peepers’) I’ve never understood this but I suppose one tends to take for granted the beauty of something that is common in their locality.

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I live in one of the rainiest city’s in the U.S. I think.

We get a lot of light fog, soft grey edges and many different types of rain. We get a hard pounding rain… down to a light mist and everything in between.

Right now we’re in a heat wave… (the rest to the nation scoffs) but for us… 80 is HOT. We do get humid due to all the water around.

Fall, Winter and Spring… it’s all about the rain.

I currently live in Canada- former from Europe.
I must say that I love the “Indian Summers” here -As well as being warm; the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is hardly any wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly…

I live in New York and we have four seasons. Right now since summer is ending it’s getting a bit cooler, more like fall weather at the moment. Although it’s supposed to hit 90 early next week. Summer wasn’t too bad this year, last year I remember we reached 100 degrees F. Winter was brutal in New York this past year. Lots and lots of snow and ice. We had pipes freeze in my house, and we were unable to leave the house for a couple of days because of the bad road conditions. The state actually declared a state of emergency because they ran out of rock salt to put on the roads.

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I live in Michigan. Jokingly we say we have two seasons construction and winter. But actually we have a short Spring which is mild, followed by a temperate summer some are hot others are cool, this one has been more on the cool side. Fall is rainy and brisk trees change their leaves and fall. It becomes a contest to get them all up before the snow hits. Winters are long and are very cold.

I live in Arizona…we have two seasons, hot and DAMN HOT!! Right now it’s 106. It cools off in late October, but late-May-late-October is hell on earth. The worst is July. We’re getting there, one day at a time. Less than 4 months to Grav-mass! We don’t recognize Christmas.

Today it’s beautiful outside, 71 degrees, the sun is out, the air is breezy, cool, and dry. I think I’m going to go sit outside in a bit. I don’t get out enough and it would be a shame to not take advantage of this opportunity.

I live in Cape Town South Africa. We are in late winter at the moment and have recently had a lot of rain and its icy outside. Our winters are cold, but not freezing cold like Canada or Europe, and we don’t get snow except on the top of mountains, just rain rain and more rain. Spring and autumn (fall) is mild and pleasantly warm, and our summers are dry and hot and windy. A bearable hot until the end of January to end of February, when it is at its hottest (above 30C). March is autumn again so by then the nights are cooler and gradually the days as well. I think I am very lucky living here, our weather is really good, we get winter storms, but otherwise, we don’t get natural disasters or anything. And our summers are popular with the tourists who come to our shores.

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Last winter was pretty cold for Oklahoma - often down to 5 degrees F. The summer has been remarkably mild. It’s been up to 100 degrees F only once, which is rare for Oklahoma. We had a couple of summers where it was often up to 110 degrees F. That is extreme for Oklahoma. I was thinking global warming had us for sure. In Spring the weather is mild, but we have to worry about tornadoes. Tomorrow we expect a high of 89 degress F. I’m looking forward to autumn with the leaves changing color and the American football season.

Today is my day off… and our rain is coming back… the heat wave is over. It’s 73 degrees f out and cool and misty… Ahhhhh… :relieved:

Was raining here today. Think it’s going to do that all weekend…Sigh.