Taking Meds in Morning Instead of Evening

20mg of Abilify. I’ve switched to morning dosages. I just found I was in need of a nap every afternoon. Hopefully this med regime change will clear that up…give me energy to last the whole day.

I take it in the morning…that way I never forget :wink:

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I take mine in the morning. Hope it works for you.

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I take meds morning and night twice that way they don’t run out.

I take Rexulti, Abilifys sister in the morning. Only .5mg

Strange thing about it, is that it makes me tired. If I take it at night, I don’t get good sleep. :triumph:

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I just switched to taking my Abilify at night. it makes me jittery and uneasy so I’m hoping that if If take it at night I can sleep through the worst of it.

Had a great day!..

Not sleepy in the afternoon. Gonna start taking my Abilify in the morning from now on. I think this was a good switch. I hope it keeps up.

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I find it cool how different we are yet United!
I take my abilify at night because it makes me sleepy if I take it in the morning.
Glad you’re finding what works best for you! :slight_smile:

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I have this cup method. In the afternoon after taking one pill I put all my evening meds ready so that I can take these at 6 PM (my usual time) and after taking my evening meds I put my morning meds to this cup so that when I wake up in the morning I can take my morning meds with eye drops. I never forget to take my meds although sometimes I put my afternoon eye drops later than I have planned. It is a good system and it has worked well for many years.

My morning meds

1 seroquel for psz
1 zyprexa for psz
1 metforem for diabetes
3 pills for high blood pressure
vitamins and supplements
plus eye drops

I take 11 + 6 + 1 pills each day = 18 pills plus eye drops three times a day + vitamins and supplements

I’m so glad you clarified. I thought for a moment you were dissolving your pills and taking them via eye dropper.

I mean a think it’s up to preference. Just please negotiate with the doctor please.