I've started taking my Abilify earlier

I used to take it at 6pm. I found this was the best time to take it for me, to minimise anxiety.

But lately my mornings have been hellish. Like for the last 2 weeks.

So in another bit of tinkering I’m trying out taking it earlier.


I always take mine before bed. Or what is suppose to be bed time. My sleep schedule is so screwy sometimes bedtime isn’t bedtime.

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When I took abilify at 8 pm it was horrible anxiety every night from 4-7

I switched it back to morning it’s way better for me


I always take my meds early in the morning after breakfast. I take two blood pressure meds and I take them early in the morning because someone who used to work at Assertive Community Treatment told me blood pressure is lower at night. I also take my antidepressant Wellbutrin early in the morning because I think it might give me insomnia if I take it too late in the day and I want the effects from it as soon as possible. When I get my Invega Sustenna shots once a month that’s in the morning too.

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I used to take my Abilify in divided doses.
5mg AM and 15mg PM

This was how it was prescribed to me by my previous doctor.

Good luck @everhopeful


I have found that I cannot take any caffeine products in the morning with my Abilify or I have high anxiety so bad I brought my dosage down in that was too low so now is split between night and day

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I’m only drinking 1 cup of coffee a day. But maybe that 1 cup is causing problems. I’ll consider cutting it out completely if things don’t improve. Thanks DrZen.