Taken off meds new meds

It came as a surprise that my new doctor during a recent hospital stay took me off meds I been on for years. It kind of made me think how could I be stable off those. Well lithium and risperdal have been removed and replaced with klonopin buspar gabapentin and haldol. I think I may lose weight I feel alright somewhat anxious and restless but I was able to sleep. Have you been taken off med that you thought were doing good for so long when in fact may have not been doing it for you?

They put you on two antipyschotics + two others?

No one was haldol that was the only anti psychotic

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I dont know - 3 different Anti Anxiety meds might be a bit of Overkill - Buspar, Klonopin, gabapentin

I take clonazepam and gabapentin together. My anxiety is that bad. Sometimes those two don’t even touch my anxiety when it’s at a peak.


After 12 years I dwelled on my psychosis and bipolar being the main staple of my illness I never had anxiety at all not until recently then they just dropped my bipolar pills and risperdal so now I think my illness is more anxiety based and yes my anxiety does get bad

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Best of luck with everything, yeah my Anxiety gets pretty bad also

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