Sza and going on a 3 day drunk

Ok so I got drunk for 3 days straight… And I quit drinking for a few days. Then I got really drunk, now I been clean 5 days… Hopefully it don’t affect my meds to much I hope. Anyone know?

its not a good idea drinking too much esp on meds, when i drink i dont get drunk or anything and i am very careful, i dont drink much tho.

When you get sober and over the hang over, the body with the meds should get back to level. If this is a one shot fluke, you have a good chance of being OK.

Just don’t start a bender every night of the week. Then it will mess with the meds and your health.

Drink, don’t know if I would do it, nothing against it like. I think those days are best left in the past for me, I was a bad drinker anyway. Good rest is all i need really, does the drug of truth exist?

Not sure what your meds are, but I think some combinations of meds and alcohol can be deadly.

yeah i used to do this problem was for me all hell would break loose because id loose control i decided i had a drink problem and would no longer drink and my life is safer less drama but i am now safe. only you can decided if you have a drink problem or not know that there is help out there should you ever need it type NA chat into google there is a recovery chat room with people who have been sober many years talk to them and see what you think take carexxxx

Alcohol invalidates meds. You need to stop. I used to be an alcoholic. Im majoring in psychology, concentrating in behavioral neuroscience and alcohol on meds is just no. One drink is ok, any more is not.

Binges like that caused all kind of problems for me last year…Although I had my own personal trauma to deal with, I sometimes self medicated with alcohol, and then would stop for awhile like you, but that would seem to lead to a worse depression, and all kinds of cray cray thinking.
Also in my experience meds and alcohol combined intensify the effects of both. one time i think I took Remeron and drank and sort of blacked out for a bit…went to turn on the computer…the monitor was on its side, the keyboard unplugged and on the floor, and the side panel taken off the hard drive tower! and i don’t remember doing all that !
All i can think of is maybe I suddenly thought there were spy devices in my computer and did it…I really don’t know…
Okaaaay…I think that tells us it’s not a good idea.

And it certainly doesnt help in a relationship either…one of the main reasons i quit and stayed quit. that was just strait alcohol, no meds.

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e_lunaseer good on you i know how hard a habit it is to break! tcx

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