Alcohol and sza

Is it bad to get drunk once a week if u have sza I’m on meds and doimg well… I would just like to know, if it’s “bad” to drink every weekend

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I won’t tell you whether to drink or not but just be aware that schizophrenics have a significantly higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse then the rest of the population. So just be careful of your intake for that reason.


Depends on how you drink and how much. If you drink too much and can’t control it, it is a problem.
How does your medication go with alcohol. I have Fluoxetine and can not drink alcohol. But I don’t mind. I stopped drinking in february 2010.

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I’d say yeah, it’s bad. Every weekend? You don’t have something else better to enjoy? I know when I drank a lot, I’d end up more depressed than not.

It depends on what you see as bad. I told my Pdoc on monday that I’ve quit smoking in 2007 and I stopped drinking in 2005. She asked me if I had any vices left as it seems that I’ve become a good boy. Alcohol and my meds don’t go together. If you can enjoy the odd drink I’d say…why not? Just don’t overdo it. Enjoy!!!

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My meds don’t go to well with havin more then 3 drinks. I drink very rarely, and I still feel a little messed up from when I drank on Sunday.

Alcohol can inhibit the beneficial effects of your psych meds. It can also worsen psychosis and depression.

As a general rule, it is best not to drink alcohol at all while taking antipsychotics, according to the National Institues of Health.

Please be safe.

Many Blessings,


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It depends on the person really. I havent drank in a long time…many months…I was finding due to grief issues over my wifes passing alcohol made me hyper manic and upset…as well as thinking off the charts cray cray… Plus it contributed to messing up a really good relationship, which would have never happened had there not been drinking involved.
So for me…no.
In the past there were times if things were going well all around that a couple drinks or even a few would be ok, and I’d be funny and have a good time…still alcohol rather than pass me out made me hyper…and i would only crash out after I expended my hyperness.

I used to drink very often wile i was on med, but when my med was increased i had a terrible side effects. If your on low dose its okay to drink once a week but if your taking couple of meds and on a high dose i wouldn’t recommend.

  1. it will ■■■■ up your liver, antipsychotics are hard on the liver and alcohol is literally poison
  2. it can invalidate your meds and make you psychotic if you drink enough
  3. it is generally not healthy to get drunk. Alcohol dehydrates you, makes you hungover (recovering from ingesting a fair dose of poison) and for mentally ill people can make us behave VERY inappropriately/aggressively

I have one or two beers a week. I last got drunk back in february and I really regretted it, I was miserably hungover the next day. I used to be an unmedicated alcoholic, I didnt get hangovers, it was the opposite- i felt bad if I didn’t drink, in fact I couldnt sleep more than 3-4 hours without several drinks and was a nervous wreck if I didnt have some liquor in me.

I agree, alcohol is not good with meds, it is not good at all. I know many people who have drank themselves to death or their lives have been messed up because of excessive drinking. But I know also one person who is mentally ill and he drinks every Friday, but his mother tries to control him and his behavior.

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Drinking alcohol didn’t cause me any problems.It was crack that messed up my life. But you could make the argument that alcohol is a gateway drug.

I stopped drinking pretty much. I’ll have a beer socially once in awhile, but I don’t make a habit of it anymore. I don’t go to bars very much because you are around a lot of drunk people.

I don’t drink more than 3 beers at a time anymore. This is a moral decision. A lot of people drink when they’re depressed and I can’t do that.