Sza and dissociation?

Ive been hallucinating for a couple weeks, and having crazy mood swings. Had a message i was dead 4 days ago, tried to ignore it, but i started seeing signs everywhere and that day started dissociating so bad, everything looks foreign and far away. It hasnt gone away and im wodnering if my meds are making it worse. Its juat getting worse but like a few hours each day ive been able to question my beliefs a little more. My hallucinations have gotten more mild.

Is this a common sza thing? I havent dissociated this long in a very long time and its really making me feel hopeless. Ive been sleeping all day to avoid feeling it.

I used to dissociate a lot. But I don’t know if it’s sz or trauma

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Just read dissociation is more common in prodromal amd early stages and appear less frequent as it becomes chronic. Definitely my experience

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When I was in hospital two weeks ago I told the pdocs I feel like everything around me isn’t real and my inner world is real. They said it’s derealization


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