Here's 1 of 3 poems, just curious

I wrote 3 poems in 1998 and it was published by the International Poetry Hall of Fame, which is no big deal because if I remember, you paid to have them publish it. I was just wondering if the poems were any indication of my sz. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2002. I just wanted to see what kind of response I would get?? I think it was my illness, but what do you think?

I’ll start with the shortest:

Stewing moments, a mirage
law grazing, trough longing
syrup slashing, stokes
oozing vacant rooms
codified echoes
sour, unconscious
dripping forever hungry, the


it is really fascinating…please publish more…

You can’t tell that you have schizophrenia from that poem.

Thank You, everhopeful!

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