Sz brain damage

Do you feel that sz caused brain damage?
Yesterday I didn’t want to take my meds, took them 4h late, started to feel abnormal with illogical and grandiose thoughts.

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Schizophrenia causes a form brain damage. The longer psychosis is left untreated usually the harder it is to come back from.


By delaying or not taking your meds this will cause bigger problems for you than negative symptoms.

Take your meds on time @Aziz or start asking your doctor to switch you to a different AP.


it feels to me like it causes brain damage, but i’m not sure that is the case though.

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I don’t know. There doesn’t seem to be any journals on that? Or?

I mean what causes the brain to reduce in mass, do they know?

Does that always happen in sz I don’t know?

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I didn’t necessarily mean that, I meant chemical damage/imbalance like neurotransmitters etc But there is also research showing smaller brain/bigger brain ventricles in schizophrenics. I wanted an MRI but my pdrs refused.

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