SZ and self-confidence

My self-confidence was completely destroyed by SZ. Why?

Me too even though I got over it. I found out I was the 7815th best Age of Empires 2 player in the world today and I thought I was awful. I think it is that death of ego thing. Slowly being beaten down by voices didn’t help.

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My self confidence too. I just feel like the worst can happen to me now. I guess that’s why I don’t go on planes anymore.
Not being able to jog has really affected my appetite regulation.

Do u have any idea why it might have affected ur confidence.

I’m just so scared of relapsing and don’t feel invincible anymore like how I used to

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I learned that I can’t trust my mind anymore because of SZ symptoms and because I fail at everything I do since my diagnosis because of negative and cognitive symptoms.

That’s what destroyed my self confidence.


Instable mind and mood also made my self-confidence worse.

I think its because of the four reasons I posted above.

Also my univ grades decreased alot after my diagnosis and that further decreased my self-confidence.

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I completely feel the same way. I feel like my medication affected my confidence and I isolate more than I used too.

I don’t know why but my self confidence was completely destroyed by schizophrenia. Prior to my psychotic stage I had starting raising a great family with a wonderful (ex) wife, had earned an MBA from a top university, had founded and built a great international software company and served as its CEO for many years and then schizophrenia started to take over me it all washed away to nothing. Years later after being treated with antipsychotic medication I wanted to go back to work. I tried to find work in line with my experience but was unable. After years of trying to find work I applied at Home Depot to be a hardware associate. I had absolutely no confidence for the interview but was hired anyway. Now after 5 years later and several progressive jobs I still lack confidence but not as much probably because of my wife’s support. I think a lack of confidence is probably linked to negative symptoms. My negative symptoms are quite present.


Same I have negative and cognitive symptoms.

negative symptoms and cognitive impairments sap self confidence.

Becouse you don’t know what’s self confidence

for me it was because I didn’t know what I would be able to do post-psychosis. Plus my mind had failed me at such a basically level I didn’t know if I could trust my own thoughts or perceptions anymore.

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Aerosmith had their first big hit with “Dream On”.

I always loved the line:

“You got to lose,
to know how to win.”

IDK, On my bad days I would swear I’ve never won anything in life. On my good days, I can see all kinds of victories.

I don’t feel guilty about whatever relative success I’ve had. I’ve failed, and lost and given up a million times, so I feel I’ve paid my dues.

I’ve stood up for myself and done a million cool (and a million nice) things that nobody would think I could do in a million years. They’re out to destroy me but I’ll die happy.


Because that’s what it does.

self confidence is not something that apears on a person… confidence is gained by practicing specific things. like for example i dont have confidence playing basketball but if i train and i start getting good scores my confidence grows.

think about something that you are good at? it will make you feel confident


@Aziz dont be bummed man. Sz boosted my self confidence. say what?! yeah totally. You see. about five years ago when I was first diagnosed I couldnt do much of anything, I was too damn crazy. but after about 9-12 months of getting adjusted to the right medications. I began to hermit successfully. I then disgusted with myself bought just about every self help book I could find on neuroplasticity. I thought to myself WWJD well actually, what would richard branson do, cuz I no longer wanted to be jesus. If you dont know him he is a successful billionaire. So I figured if i could live my life attempting to be a billionaire I could succeed in many respects. And that I did. Well so far. I fear this disease will take me back any day and Im fearful of it but none the less I press onwards. With these books I came to realize the human brain is alot like a computer. Meaning you can never dlete a program or a memory, instead you could only rewrite it. And so My Conquest Began. I stayed on my medication and literally focused all my efforts onto retraining my brain, retraining my thinking patterns and averting my symptoms when they presented themselves. It took me about twop to three years. But I couldnt shake the memories so I thought the only way to do that is to capitalize on ptsd. Before I got sick I earned a college degree in healthcare so I focused an occupation in healthcare because thats what I knew. I earned my EMT license and got an intern ship opportunity on a local ambulance. Sooner or later I got a job offer and began working 911. I seen some crazy ■■■■. And instead of terrorizing thoughts of getting chased by keebler elfs I beagn to focus my thoughts of a dead baby that died in my arms. And I could live with that because thats a part of life, whereas my delusions were nothing but that. Once I acheived stability in that for about a year I took things to the next step. I built a support group of friends and ended up snagging myself a social worker as a girlfriend. She wasnt my social worker which totally would have been cool but none the less She was someone who I could confide in and keep me on tract. Then I took things to the next level and decided to apply to medical school to continue my dreams of becoming a doctor. I moved to another country to go to school and succeeded for a year and a half. Unfortunatly I couldnt continue because the school lost the loan program for the american students. So I ended up moving back home where I am today. However rather than paying back my loan I invested my payments into the stock market and two years later with a bit of luck I can now afford to return to finish school in may. Now anybody whos reading this is going to tell you that im full of ■■■■. But dude this is my life, this ■■■■ is legit this is what happened to me. I overcame the strife the stigma and I began to live the lie of being normal. Nobody besides those who are very close to me have any idea im batshit crazy. I overcame it. Do I still have symptoms? Totally I see and hear sht every signle ■■■■■■■ day. But I control it and live in the reality which I chose to. So that means if I could do this You can too. Now Im not saying go and try getting a job on an ambulance or anything. What Im saying is go your own path and find a way to recovery. It truly is possible., and along the way you will find your confidence and so much more than you had before you were diagnosed with this terminal ■■■■■■■ ddesiese. You gootta take you life into your own hands and think ■■■■ what would richard branson do! Good luck


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