Sz and meds

Ok I gave my sister a med for sz, to help sz to go to sleep. But she doesn’t have sz. That was back in 2009 . Can that mess her up?

Just once - or did you do it daily for months? Once - is not, I think, an issue. I think psychiatrists may actually prescribe some antipsychotics for sleep disorders…


When my kid sis was little she got ahold of one of my Serouquel. It made her tummy hurt a bit and she fell asleep, but other then that, it didn’t do anything.

But that was a one time deal. The family made sure that didn’t happen again. She’s still Ok.

My sister is doing alright… Back in 2009 I gave her some risperidol, I thought it was a sleeping pill. She doesn’t have sz but the morning after I gave her risperidol, she said she couldn’t get up the night before when her baby was crying… She said she felt awake, but she couldn’t move

Just the one time I gave her risperidol

Isn’t it strange, “normies” are knocked out completely by our meds. Not us. That is strange. Maybe we have a stronger brain somehow when we are psychotic. I was on 20 mg Zyprexa and 45 mg Mirtazapine. Still couldn’t sleep.

once is ok,if you gave her for 1 week or more,it can create psychosis for her

I’ve been asked to share my meds with my brother in law. Especially my antipsychotic and anti-anxiety meds. Problem is it takes a great deal of them to knock my brother in law out because of all the drug use.