Symptoms worse at night

Anyone else find this too? My pdoc said its common. I get ■■■■■■ up real good in the head after sundown.

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yeah, i become much more suicidal and unstable at night

Hell yeah! I think it’s because there is nothing else to focus on or distract me. That’s always when things creep up out of control.

I take my meds at night at 10pm, and as the following day goes on it becomes hellish, so I’m going to switch my meds to midday to see if that makes a difference. I get a boost after taking abilify 5mg, so maybe it’s stupid to sleep off the best of it.

But definitely, that’s a problem I have too. I’m currently on a sub therapeutic dose though at the moment, and if taking it at midday doesn’t work out, I’ll probably have to up the dose.

I think my problems are worse at night as well. I can’t say for sure why, but some of it has to do with my mind going through everything that happened during the day. Plus I’m more active and alert at night than during the day. I find my voices rather quiet in the mornings and early afternoon so I tend to sleep better during those times then when I lay down for bed and have nothing to stop the voices and delusional thinking.

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Its common for many people with different mental afflictions to be nocturnal, for me it’s a subconscious fear of the dark.

yess!! I get so agitated at night, at times suicidal even. I thought I was the only one who tends to feel more crappy at night.

same. I tend to ruminate about everything that happened that day & also get anxiety about what the next day has in store for me.


i am actually worse in the mornings…
take care :alien:

The way I used to combat this was by working twelve hour days. I was so tired at the end of the day that I fell right asleep. I can’t do that anymore though, with my head injury. Now I struggle a lot more.

Also I have a hard time letting go if something bad happens that day…that’s pretty much what started my last relapse…bad days led to panic-stricken sleepless nights and when you worked 50+ hours a week in an environment where most of the social talk was negative it’s not a surprise that my mind snapped when it did…it’s more of a surprise I lasted at that job for as long as I did (3 years).

Now it’s been hard sitting at home, but I really don’t think I could handle working again, to many unknown variables, that could lead to major stress problems and yet another relapse…

at night or at morning

in between my symptoms are under control

but especially at morning…and when i am going to sleep…they get real bad.

Things definitely get worse at night. I kinda freaked out last night in fact. But what’s weird is I sleep during the day and am awake at night, so my ‘night time’ isn’t the same as normal night time, so does that even count?

It depends on which symptoms…

I get a lot lack of motivation and detachment in the morning. Also Morning is NOT a good time for me to read… my comprehension and ability to concentrate is not existent in the morning.

I get more panic attacks and sneaky brained thinking at night.

So I guess I’m negative symptoms in the A.m.
and positive symptoms in the p.m.