Symptoms ever make your house seem haunted?

Seems like everywhere I’ve lived since first episodes, the place is haunted like something out of Poltergeist or Ammittyville Horror. I mean severely haunted. Ghosts in the pantry, objects moving around, demons that harass when you sleep, noises, voices, possessed air conditioners.

Yes when i was on Abilify, which didn’t help so much, I experienced or felt like the house was haunted. I frequently would get up in the middle of the night very paranoid searching about the house sensing things were not right.

I was sitting in my recliner yesterday and the lamp next to me, suddenly swung in a 180 degree arc…It’s not loose at all…you would have to deliberately move it to make it do that. So what the heck is that about?

You had to mention that one? I’ve had a real hard time with that movie. It really helped me hate toy dolls. I’m open minded to spirits and usually the thought doesn’t bother me but I don’t really dwell on them. But having a house try and kill you? When I was in psychosis, Ammittyville Horror sort of stuff was exactly what I was freaking out about. It took my sister almost 14 hours to calm me down enough to be able to go back inside out of the rain.

i dont believe in ghosts at all but despite this i had a delusion/halucination that i was the ghost.

i heard people talk about me like as in the past tense and as if i was not there and i thought my parents had died and other people moved in but they knew there was a spirit occupying my room and tried to get an exorcist,

i never seen the priest that carried it out as i was a ghost and could only see certain things but i heard him and i felt the holy water burning my skin it was like it was on fire but despite this i was still there,

i remember thinking that the only way i could move on was to walk to the church and enter holy ground and that was the only way i could get to heaven.

it was very weird!

I don’t think my house is haunted by the dead no. One of our old houses was. I’m lucky that I don’t visually hallucinate so if I c something I know it’s real. I once saw a lighter disappear. I was looking straight at and it just dematerialized in front of me. That wasaawesome! I’ve never been able to work out who or what did it. It was really freaky. I’ve had cat biscuits fall from the air and onto the kitchen side, witnessed by my two kids, somebody knock on my bedroom wall after walking up the stairs (they creak when u put weight on them) when there was only me in the house. Footsteps in the loft, saw a ghost, computer mouse mouse moving on its own…need I go on? But I ddon’t think that a lot of this stuff is done by the dead. I have only ever seen one dead one. All the rest were done by poltergeist activity. Which is the product of a disturbed mind. Ie, mine and my children’s. We’ve endured a lot of ■■■■ and that’s how this stuff happens.

i have always seen ghosts or felt them, most just hang around, only a few do the ooooohhhhhhhrrrrrrrrhhh thing !
take care

Before I was diagnosed I knew after my mom passed she was ‘haunting’ our house. I could hear her voice and feel a comforting presence. I’ve lived in other houses and after friends died they haunted us. I’ve lived in a crazily haunted apartment and seen figures in other houses. But the one I live in now is pretty normal. I always think someone’s trying to break in and so I sleep with a knife and a billy club next to me. Tootaloo!

No doubt there is a problem in our house. I’ve seen so many things that cannot be explained. It could also just be a very bad joke being played on me, but either way, It don’t bother me.
Did bother my new husband at first, took about a year of trying to get him to ignore it.

they used to. A single bump in the night or creak or anything like that had me hyper-vigilant, wearing boots and wielding two buck knives. I used to hear the door open. When my dogs would bark at night, I would run downstairs in boots with my knives.

Now that I am on meds, I don’t hear as much stuff, and if I do, I don’t care. Now I just think it was funny…i imagine what I looked like wearing boots, boxers and holding a knife in each hand, turning all of the lights on in the house. I guess I looked mentally ill. LOL

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There was a circular incident when my sis and my youngest brother were a tinny little kids. They would tell me that someone was in their room watching them sleep. So I would get up and go into their room to protect them for what ever sicko was breaking in to watch.

Round and round that went until I came to realize they probably meant Me. I’m in the room while they slept.

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I’ve wondered about that jayne.

During my possession, or “psychosis” most would call it, they said that the kitchen light fixture had appeared, or materialized.

Later i found out about something called “apports”. Or materializing objects.

Who knew, one of my delusions was just a demon talking in my head about things materializing.

But in theory it is most certainly possible for things to materialize and de-materialize, from our perspective the universe would have simply appeared out of nothing, or materialize, so things could be taken back and forth from one side to the other.