Switching to typical depot

I’m in canada and i’m switching to a typical to help against the sexual problems from invega, it’s a great drug though.

So we have haldol, fluanxol, clopixol, trilafon, and modecate.
What should i pick?
And preferences?

I’ve seen a lot of people with Haldol do well.


The only med that I’ve been on for your pick list was haldol. It was hell for me. Everyone is different though and maybe it helped many people but for me it was hell. Kept going off of my meds because of it. I wish I could help you pick but for me haldol is a hell no.
You need to do diligent research for this brother/sister. Keep on fighting.

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If you are not very aggressive and maybe a little depressed and you are not
suffer from major and severe positive symptoms then I would choose fluanxol (depixol) because that it preserves your sexual functioning and maintaining a healthy weight. If this is not the case I would choose to take Haldol, Clopixol or trillafon.
I’m on the max dose of Clopixol depot with an atypical.I have some sexual function on Clopixol even though my sexlife is
rather poor. I guess if I took Invega then my sex life would be non existent.

I take Haldol and I don’t get many side effects. Just akithisia controlled by benztropine.

Wait why are you swapping to a first gen and what is the logic behind this for sexual health? Not sure I would pick any of the above unless it was purely because of cost.

Abilify has side effects that scare me like impulsive spending and sxx… so i have way more options with older drugs.

I was on haloperidol for 2 years, it was weaker for mr in terms for positive symptoms than Invega. Haloperidol caused major memory impairment and anxiety. My memory was so bad that I couldnt remember what I ate for breakfast in the afternoon. Most likely typicals will either cause tardivia dyskinesia or akathisia so you will need some nasty anti parkinsons agents to take. Why cant you switch to an atypical depot? Like abilify or olanzapine? I heard if Invega causes sexual problems they can be forever, even after switching or it might take years to improve

Haldol is a great med in my experience

AVOID rhe atypical road if possibly because you most likely will end.up with a.big.tommy and diabetis some years ahead. If I didn’t starve myself every day.I would end up looking as most people on seroquel. I hope some day that I can be on clopixol only because I then wouldn’t have to starve myself.

My appointment is tomorrow so i need to choose.
Im thinking between clopixol or haldol.
Anyone can compare long term?

I was on haloperidol for 2 years and i got fatter than I was ever on Invega, haloperidol was too weirdly sedated that stopped me from exercising. I was able actually lose weighr on Invega while eating 8 000 calories a day

Just ask a pill form of both and ask to try them before putting on a depot. I dont see how it is safe to be put straight onto a depot without either been on it before or trying a pill form of the drug. All typicals are heavy and they sedated you in a weird way, like it takes out all the energy.

Invegas cosin Risperdal was s DxxKxllxx
Thank God.of tha sxxx.

Typicals can cause sexual dysfunction as much as artypicals, read haloperidol’s leaflet that comes eith a med, sexual problems are in “common” section

I realy don’t care becsuse I only use then for piing

My doc ended up putting me on Haldol, i kinda wanted clopixol but OK. Wish me luck on side effects

I.hope that you don’t get any severe side effects…side effect wish Clopixol is said to be more.harsh than Haldol