Switching to latuda


Ability was making me too restless so I’m switching to Latuda, the only thing that concerns me is that it will make me tired, anyone have experience with this drug?


One of the worst drugs I tried.


I’ve been on it for a couple of years. I like it. I don’t notice any side effects from it. Good luck with it. :sun_with_face:


This med is great. I hope you like it.


If Latuda makes you vomit take Zofran.


It’s less sedating and very few side effects. I definitely recommend it.


My psychiatrist said that Latuda will give me lots of Anxiety.
Everyone reacts differently I guess.


I hated Latina. Made me sick and anxious.


Latuda did not work for me at all. One of the worst!


Different people respond to different meds differently. Say that ten times in a row lol. I’ve done studies for both and did okay on both, but went to different meds after each study. I think I had issues with akathesia on both. But you really can’t predict how any med will work for you personally. I think psychiatrists can somewhat predict which meds may get be a little better than others, but ultimately you have to just try them out for yourself. The only thing I can say is that sometimes unpleasant side-effects can lessen a bit the longer you stay on the med. and sometimes it takes a while for the new med to work to it’s full potential. But you and your doctor can figure it out, hope whatever you decide on works for you. :man_shrugging: