Going Nicotine Free

Well, my e-cigarette died today, and I have no money, so I am going into a forced withdrawal. Here we go, cravings galore! So not looking forward to going through this. Those damn things are made so cheaply. Wish me luck!


Good luck Greg! You CAN do this!

goodluck the truth you need to know is this its not really that hard and smoking is actuall really disgusting youll have better health better teaath more money and both you and your house will smell better oh and whiter teeth and sharper tastes buds.
paying money to breathe in toxins is a bit mad.

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I still use nicotine gum but very far and few between now so I am almost there too…good luck @anon40540444


Good luck Alien!

I have five months now without smoking. After two months, the patches were too much of a drag, and I’ve been nicotine free.

It’s a new adventure!