Supermarkets for people on benefits

this link is about the new community hub supermarkets that are being rolled out across the UK to help people on benefits,

the first is opening in Barnsley in England with a further 20 of them being planned across the rest of the UK, it takes all the old stock that normal supermarkets would throw out and sells it at very low prices.

i think it is a brilliant idea but at the same time i worry about cuts to the benefits system because of it,

what do you think?

To me it suggests the disabled and others on benefits are only worth the kind of food that normally gets chucked out. Also knowing the sociopathic Tories it could very well be used to justify cutting benefits.

That store stigmatizes people. Ebenezer Scrooge would be proud.

Katie wicked witch f the west I will o anything for bad publicicity to feed my own ego
I want people on benefits to do with their money what I want them to do with their money ggrrr grr
yes its a brilliant idea
I dobnt like that l;ady very much she thinks people want to be on benefits and is very misguided and annoying.

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I think it would be a great idea, but how much of a discount would you get …50% or more?

two thirds off of the price as far as i know, i think that is about 75% but you need a special card to shop there, kinda like proof you are on benefits i think.