My early morning bicycle ride

It was -13 celsius, but it was nice to ride my bicycle. In one of these photos there are five swans.



I’m getting into bike riding. It’s popular and keeps you fit. Our weather is a little different from yours…it’s hot and humid out here but glad your getting out there! Well done you!


wow those are beautiful pics i wish i had snow where i live


Good job! Love the photos - I’d never go biking in the snow. We have no snow here and I can’t make myself even go out for a walk lol
Are you planning to make this morning biking a routine?


Great pics, thanks for sharing!


Yesterday I went to ride my bicycle early in the morning, it is nice and peaceful.

I have a funny label in my winter clothing, it says ‘100 % protection from indoor life’ , this clothing is very warm.


These pictures are so beautiful!


I am happy to see you around and read how active and good you are to do a early morning bike ride after su h a loss and you are doing so well.

Good on ya!:blush:

In Sweden I would ride mynime in snow and when I did not have one walk very far in snow storms even.


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My shadow with my bicycle, it has been a really beautiful day today, I did ride my bicycle 21 kilometers, I like outdoor activities, it is also good for my mind, do not need to sit inside and have any depressive or negative thoughts, I probably ride a bicycle most in my little town, well I do not have a car and when I go to places I ride my bicycle. When summer comes I probably ride even more.


I know how it is when it is hot and humid. I lived over two years in my auto mostly in Miami and Miami Beach, so basically I lived outside in hot and humid over two years. Once I found a broken bicycle and I fixed it and then I drove my auto with this bicycle to Key West and did ride this bicycle in this subtropical island over two weeks. It is so different here because we have snow and cold temperatures, but I like outdoor activities.

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