Summertime travel

I’ve been everywhere, man, and when I’ve gone there in person, they’ve always been kind.

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Everyone on earth or just in the USA???

I’ve been around a little bit but not as much as I’d like to

People always seem nicer when you’re on vacation

globally, depending.

I’m watching closely my selection of words.

yeah, I got Earned Income Tax Credit every year raising my kids.

we went places, even though we had already gone places.

That’s sweet daze. My parents have traveled a bit since they retired. I’m happy you got to do that :wink: and your kids too.

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yeah, well, good and somewhat bad, with my son, Down syndrome,

never stopped me though.

I can def picture you in Prague enjoying that beautiful scene daze

For somehow I think you posted a pic in prague once. If my memory recalls correct??

ohhh no, never been, but I got that answer right on Jeopardy. ha.

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I want to visit Russia.

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yeah, St. Pete’s square. I’ve read about it so much in Russian lit.

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Vovo is a good dude for sure.

I’m supposed to be going to Oregon this summer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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