Sulforaphane-rich Broccoli Sprout Extract Improves Cognition in Patients with Schizophrenia


This result suggests that Sulforaphane has the potential to improve cognitive function in patients with schizophrenia.

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Well then, I’ll just have to get me some of that stuff now. I’m starting to think that there will be no end to what we can buy for this or that that is troubling us except the cure.

While on the dark side :smile:
Brought to you on behalf of all the broccoli growers of America. They can reach the multitudes just by simply advertising on any medium.

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There were only 4 pubmed articles with a search of the words Sulforaphane and schizophrenia.

While I completely agree that its good to be a little skeptical on new “treatments”, when the price is pretty cheap it seems like these things might be worth a try.

Here is a list of sources from Google’s shopping search engine.

Can someone please review the sources and see which ones have the greatest amount of Sulforaphane?

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Well , I did just buy some broccoli and had some for lunch because I know I might be getting the real stuff that way. I like broccoli. I was just trying to be amusing to myself a bit. I tell myself jokes a lot during the day, although I’m not a clown, I don’t even like clowns.

Oh, and thanks firemonkey for the useful information you bring to this site.

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Man broccoli is the only vegetable I don’t like.

The average broccoli probably has very little sulforaphane. I think you need the high-sulforaphane extracts - at least that was what they studied here.

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Good points… and I would be cautious relative to “too much of a good thing may not be,” as that maxim applies all over the place in the world of mental health treatment.

**Can`t hurt! :stew: **

Related to this study above - another interesting study:

Bump. 1514131211

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