Suicide on my mind

Sometimes I want to go to sleep and not wake up. To not have to deal with anything in life no more. No more pain no more stress no more paranoia no more awkwardness no more struggling no more being alone to finally have rest and peace. Now I know theres no such thing as hell it’s much easier. The only reason why I’m still fighting is because of my kids but I’m tired. I’m still fighting to be here for them and doing the best that I can trying to give them the best life I never had but I dont want to be here I’m tired of struggling and suffering and being alone because of this illness.


I don’t think dying will fix anything. Eventually you will end up in the same scenario you are in now. Might as well make the best of it.

Your kids need you to be around as long as possible


No once your dead your dead theres no comming back I would simply ask God to not bring me back to more suffering I want peace.

Who said G-d would give you peace if you die?

Because there is no hell once your dead your dead no suffering no pain no conciousness your dead.

Are you suicidal? It’s not good to talk about dying. It isn’t healthy.

And none of us really know whether there is a heaven or a hell.

Therapy has taught me that when I feel suicidal, I don’t really want life to end, I just want out of my current life situation.
I’m sure there’s something that can be done to improve it.
And you know, things change. Situations pass.

Dying now would be giving up before giving things a chance to get better. It would be robbing their kids of a parent, and having them remember you as the one who gave up the fight and abandoned them. Kids aren’t dumb, I’m sure they know you’re suffering, and I’m sure they want to see you get better.

You can get help. There’s therapy, different medications you can try, people you can talk to, groups you can join.
There are things that can be done. I know it can get tiring having to fight all the time, but if you put in the time and effort, and don’t give up, I do believe things will eventually improve.



No suffering for you, but what about your family and friends?


I dont want to disturbed anyone with my beliefs but I am holding on for my kids. Thanks for asking if I’m alright I will be okay just venting.

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If you start making plans call 911. The feeling will pass.

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Ok I will call if I do

Make a list of all the reasons you have to life to remind yourself to hang in there works forme.

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