Suggestions to make depot less painful?

I’m okay with having the depot when they don’t go too deep and inject slowly. Thats fine.

Its a couple of days later sometimes my forearm is very sore, I can’t even straighten my arm or sleep on that side. My nurse dose alternative arms every 4 weeks. He’s brilliant and is open to my suggestions for better injections.

Have you found a way for better near-painless injections, do you have any suggestions?

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Ice your arm down first for about a half hour. That’s probably inconvenient if you have to go somewhere, but you can always bring an ice pack.

They also make numbing spray for when you get waxed or get tattoos. I have no idea if that would work.

As far as the long term soreness, I imagine the only thing you can do is ice and ibuprofen.

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Don’t they have patches which numbs the injection area?

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I know they do them. I’m okay with the injection but its days later its very painful.

Have you tried arnica? Its an anti-bruising cream/ointment.

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Can they inject it in your buttocks muscle? I don’t know what med you are on using but the injection into my butt had less effect on me.

I give myself IM injections in my leg and they don’t usually hurt when I do it, and very rarely ever hurt afterward. Usually when I get shots in my arm though they do get sore. You could ask your nurse if they could do it in a less painful location. It probably depends on the size of the needle though. Mine are pretty small; I imagine if it was larger it would hurt more.

i always have it in my hip… i relax the leg that i’m getting it in and then it helps. I found that in the hip it’s much better than in the arm.


Does relaxing help more? I give myself Emgality injections once a month – and they HURT – and I’m always tensing up my legs, thinking that will make it better. Maybe I will try relaxing next time.

yea you gotta relax the leg you giving it in. It really helps a lot. I learned that because one person in the psych ward told me that and i tried it and it really helps.

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Cool – thanks!

Incidentally, the most painful IM injection I’ve had was in the buttock. But it’s worth a try if you haven’t tested.


On the hip is much better. Especially if you’re getting big doses. I barely felt them and the soreness was much less than the arm.

In six or seven years of getting monthly injections ive only had injection site pain a few times, maybe six times.

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