Suggestions on site, what a great idea

I have some suggestions on the site, and what a great idea having a meta category.

I want it to be more schizophrenic of course, the look and feel just needs to be less sane, and sometimes the buttons should change into things like a hallucination, and there should be random sounds and voices that pop up sometimes.

And for god’s sake, please, if you do anything at all to change the site at all get rid of that add for “” with the red head on it, that woman probably hates me for what i am in reality and i don’t want her staring at me like that when i come on the site, it’s really uncomfortable with her staring at me.

And why oh why is she nude?! Just the fact that that woman gets paid for that enrages me deeply, please, get her out of my face.

I just don’t need to see a naked woman who hates me when i come on.

Use the phone. I see no redheads on my phone.