Sugar, the Bitter Truth (important for people taking medications)


As you may know - the risk of diabetes is very high for people who have schizophrenia, and the medications frequently further increase the risk as one of the side-effects.

An important way to reduce your risk is by eating a low sugar, lower carb diet. Here is some background:


I figure I eat mainly complex carbs and protein so I tell myself that I’m ok. I also lift weights and know krav maga so I feel like im invincible.


Yeah I have diabetes, from all of the extensive use of assorted medications throughout my life. I try to eat low carb foods, but it is very difficult. We live in a high carb society. Just walk into any supermarket, usually all of the healthier foods are found in the far ends of the building. Most of your junk foods and processed foods are conveniently stocked in the middle of the store - closer to the check out aisles and entrance.

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I have diabetes. A few months ago my blood sugar had been way out of contrlol for several years. Now I’m on a strict low carb diet + it is almost down to normal. I’m told that exercise will make it go down further. I still take zyyprexa which I have taken for decades.