Sudden change in eyesight

In the last few months, My eyesight has gone from exceptional (never had my eyesight checked, never needed glasses) to now I cant read any print even with glasses. My vision has become alarmingly blurry, but I’ve been told it’s just natural due to age. I will be 50 next month, but it just doesn’t seem right to happen so suddenly.
Anyone have any problems with your vision? What did you do to resolve it?

I’m 55, and my vision has gotten blurry. I think it might be cataracts. I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor.

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I need to make an appointment with an eye doctor - I apparently have high blood pressure in the eyes - Glaucoma? I certainly hope not - this is all I need

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Hopefully you just need reading glasses. You can get them for a dollar at some places.

i am 40 and i wear glasses. i am short sighted, ie: i can’t c far away very well. i don’t know if it’s the meds or my eyes tbh. if it’s sudden, u should go for an eye test asap. good luck to u xxx

It very well could be age related. I’m 42 and mine has already started to change as my eye doctor warned me it would.

I’m sorry you’re having this happen so suddenly.

I’m 29 and I wear glasses or contacts too.

Just like everything else, it can’t be cut or dried. I’m near sighted in my left eye and far sighted in my right.

Have you gone to an eye Dr? The suddeness doesn’t seem exactly right.

I blind pretty much so without my glasses or contacts. You’re lucky you don’t need them all the bloody time unless you’re reading upclose. I’m VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY shortsighted.

I got my first glasses in third grade. When I was around 38 my family paid for me to have Lasik surgery. I could see 20-20!! When I was 48 I needed a “touch-up” operation which I paid for myself. But my doctor warned me I would probably need reading glasses eventually and he was right. I have gone through many pairs, I buy them on sale at Rite-Aid. I have fallen asleep while reading in bed wearing them many times and rolled over on them and broke them.

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No, I don’t have any insurance, and have never even been inside an eye dr’s office before. It just seems on par with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING breaking down in the last 2 years.

Almost everyone needs reading glasses eventually. Theres no fix for that.

If I didn’t know the top letter on the chart, I wouldn’t know it’s an E :stuck_out_tongue: I’m also “legally blind”.

lol Me neither. It is that bad. I might as well be a bat.

My silly incident was when I went to sleep in my contacts by accident…

I got up the next morning and put on my glasses and wow… The world was blurry.

I took off my glasses and it was good again… I was sure my eyes had healed themselves over night. Huzzah… my eyes are healed… no more glasses.

I wasn’t until much later in the day when my eyes started to itch that I realized, I had my contacts in all that time.


i am sorry to hear that, best to get it seen to.
my sister in law who is 42 has suddenly had to use glasses for reading…it is a normal…and if your not getting enough sleep/tired…eyes sight can be more blurry…
take care