Subway sandwich

Is it true that Americans don’t get corn as an option

No I’ve never seen corn on the menu, even when in canada. Do you guys have buffalo chicken?

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Not sure @air I always go for veggie delite

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If that was ever an option it’s one we wouldn’t choose anyway.

Can’t say that sounds too appealing to me.


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I have never seen corn on the menu. That would be interesting :corn::corn::corn:

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corn. it’s the only honest thing I eat. goes in corn, comes out corn. haha

but no, it’s not an option here.


That’s a bit harsh init :laughing: I love corn.

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I like corn too! But just doesn’t sound too good on a sandwich.

As a side with something else just feels more familiar to me.

If I bring up corn on a sandwich to someone else in my family I’m sure their response would be one of confusion and slight disgust.

But we do love corn!


Fair enough to each their own :laughing:

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It’s only an option if it’s a matter of life or death.

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