Stupid pan lady


Was watching videos.

A woman who had candles lit everywhere and a nice picture of pan and some crazy darkened mask in front of her was talking about how you had to plant the seed.

Nope. Not planting the seed. ■■■■ the seed.

You over planted, you drained the soil, now the plants don’t get fed. Don’t plant the seed.

I knew that she knew, i knew that she knew that i knew. But ■■■■ the seed. Don’t plant it. Not right now.

People drained the global well, it’s ■■■■■■■ dry as ■■■■, the well is dry. Over used soil and a dryed up well, not good.

pansdisease, maybe you could post your current thoughts on a single topic? Try to be respectful of others who are trying to gather information or feel the need to talk about something in the many threads going.

The world is definitely changing…