Stuped natural powers

I found that my body was to small for my blood , so the Dr’s draw blood every two months to lessen the mix. so was wondering is schizophrenia a migit illness in someway!

Hmmmm wonder if SZ blood causes symptoms in non-SZ recipients?
Sounds kinda far fetched…but read in a science magazine a long time ago where organ recipients find themselves with some of the traits of the doner after the transplants- verified by the doners family.

Schizophrenia is not a contagious illness in any way shape or form.

Do the docs really do that? Where do you live? (This was an actual way of treating psychosis a long, long time ago. It didn’t work, but the True Believers kept doing it anyway, 'cause it was what the authorities told them to do.)

this from a blood disorder, I make too much blood for my bodys hight and weight, is not from schizophrenia. but is this comen in people? and yes two months,

Huh. Fascinating.

Never heard of such a thing …ever,

No, not contagious, but wondering if blood could hold “emotional” properties of the owner-much like an object can hold emotions for others to read.

I looked it up. It does in fact exist.

i was curious because i wanted to donate plasma at both centers here in town they refused me.seems u CAN donate if u take QUEtiapine if for sleeping but if u take it for skitz they will not except u .how weird is that is same meds going into your blood stream.possible they just dont want to deal with mentally ill ?

Go to a blood bank and cash in man
…seriously. …you may be sitting on a gold mine.

People that don’t have that disorder can only donate once a week or something like that.

Think about it if you can donate 2-3 times a week that might pay for a quarter or more of your living expenses (of course thats relative).

The standard dose for sleep assistance is 25-50 mgs. The dose level for sz if 300 mgs and up. The serum levels of the med are waaaaaaaay higher for the latter than for the former.

i cant donate i was on 50 mgs thoidizine 23 Psychiatrist pulled me off said she felt i was stable,sometimes balance out when older.i just has the 1 melt down.but after 3 or 4 months i was up 4 days no went to see my reg dr we both felt i had became dependent on the thoiridizine so many years of use so he put me on QUEtiapine to sleep 100 mgs works fine.then i had to switch my reg dr because no longer excepted my dr insists the quetiapine is for skitz not sleeping,refuses to let me donate.just frustrating,i told her check records from dr sheppard u will see he perscribed for sleeping.asked her change sleeping pill nope refuses to do that also.not sure if the trade of 100 mgs is better then the 50 mg i had taken so many years

thanks not at least u explained why