Studying going badly

I’m struggling with my studies. I’m several weeks behind and my tutor can’t give extensions for the assessment i’m not sure i’m going to manage it :cry:


I really don’t know what to say but I feel for you. Try your best and stick with it. That is all you can really do.

I dropped out my senior year with 5 classes remaining because of schizophrenia but I tried my best. It really bothered me for years, but I’m over it. It doesn’t really affect me anymore because I tried my best. I got to move on.


What holds you back from studying, lack of motivation or you study and you don’t understand?

It’s a tough cop.

I struggled especially with math at school. I had a great memory and matriculated to University for a bachelor of arts but was struggling even then.

It’s not an easy thing. I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 29. I had a lot of years of working dead end jobs to get by but it was a life.

All’s I know is that if your diagnosed and on meds it could be beneficial to have a break. That is tough if it’s high school or early. University not so much. It’s not an easy decision but getting the head right on the meds is the most important thing. I’m sure there’s others who will add there advice but mine is simply…

If it’s too much then don’t force it! Get head right before you regret it!

It entirely depends on what stage you’re at with your education.

I was two years into a three year course when I got sick again, and I had to keep going as I was two thirds of the way through. My grades suffered and I missed loads of classes, but I kept my head above water and still came out with a pretty decent grade.

If you’re not that far in, as @rogueone said a break might be worth it, and you can always go back.

Up to you, if you think you can fight your way through this, give it a shot.

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get a doctors note

Thanks for the replys. I’m in second year, the problem i think is avolition and poor sleep for which are hard to medicate. I’m hoping that closer to the deadline I’ll have a spurt of activity. I’ve spent so long just to get first year done I think if I don’t finish this module I’ll try doing something else.


I’m only a week behind now and feeling more hopefull.


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