All the students out there. How are your studies going? Do you have good and bad days?

I was just wondering since it seems threat there are a lot of people who study in this forum. Do you have good and bad days with regards to studying?
I am studying for a degree in Economics. I have a year left. It´s taken a lot longer than I wished for because I ended up getting diagnosed during my studies. I also struggle with cognitive deficits even though I am on medication.

Some days I really struggle to concentrate. Other days I can study all day like I did in my younger days. I was curiosity to hear if other people experienced this too.

I also study best on my own. Going from one class to another really tires me. I need more breaks than I did before.

Please share your study experiences. I know no one else with this illnesses who also studies.

I went back to school but dropped out, not because I had issues with studying, that was going well, but because it wasn’t the right degree for my mental health.

I’m going back to study to be an elementary teacher next fall.

Although I don’t have the same abilities I once had, memorizing things fast, studying the minimum and had good grades anyway, I can still have average grades.

I was never much of a student, never really liked school, prefered other things, but in college I apply myself.

Good luck with your degree.


I studied Business Economics and Accounting in a university. Luckily, I started hearing voices 2 months after I graduated with a BA. (I studied a lot during my college years, a lot of it was pure memorization)
Unluckily, I had a job landed which i started working not knowing that a voice in my head was a a first sign that i had schizophrenia. So I started work as an auditor and eventually was fired for performance, only after 6 months of working. The main reason i was fired was because i declined to do unethical things in regards to auditing the accounting records of a corporation. I declined to not notice mistakes and possible fraud. If only I knew that I had started to develop schizophrenia i would have done everything that i was asked to do, so that i would keep my job because if i would run in trouble for unethical auditing during my work i could have blamed it on schizophrenia.

Do you plan to work in the field of economics after you graduate with a degree?

Yes I definitely have good and bad days. I’ve been having a bad few weeks actually. I’m all over the place and very stressed and at the same time I’ve been dead sleepy this past week, too sleepy to stay awake or focus and I’m not sure if it’s because meds or caffeine withdrawal or both. I’ve failed classes before and I bombed my most recent exam and quiz. I haven’t been to one of my classes for the past 3 or 4 lectures. I’m not doing so hot lately. School is incredibly difficult with mental illness. A lot of times I wish I could drop out but I keep pushing forward because it’s what I really want.

It’s my final week of the toughest semester of my life. I’m in graduate school and I took three classes in a quarter period(7 weeks). I don’t want to or feel like do any of my school work. It was like that before my mental illness also. I’ll push through as always. With school it really is mind over matter. The good news is that I should push through with 2 A’s and 1 B.

I went to a university at age 18 and started hearing voices at age 19. I struggled through as best as I could without medication or a diagnosis for the next two years, but kept getting low grades and some D’s, so I ended up retaking a lot of classes. I was at a top tier university where the average grade for 4.0 students in high school was approximately a 3.0. Then I took a leave of absence for a while, went back, and then was getting straight F’s at that point (the voices had become a 24/7 thing and very loud, so there was no way to study in between the times of hearing voices anymore) and ended up in a mental hospital before the quarter was even halfway through, and then the school automatically got rid of the grades for that quarter, and I was sent home with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Since then I’ve been getting meds and now am at a community college. For three years now I’ve been struggling to get through just a couple of classes at a time. I don’t hear voices on the meds anymore, but I still struggle with major depression and hopelessness, and fear of the future, so for the past three years I’ve dropped some classes and ended up in a mental hospital again for just wanting to commit suicide. This past semester I got a part time job working for my dad, and taking two classes. I’m hoping to get an A in both classes. Despite my emotional struggles, I’ve gotten all A’s and one B at community college since I started, and one W. The other classes I dropped I dropped before a W would appear. When I was at the university I was hoping to become a pharmacist, but I did so poorly that there is no way that that could happen now. I’m hoping to get a business degree from a state university now in accounting, so that I can be either an accountant or a bookkeeper. My brain isn’t what it used to be, and I have to take a ton of breaks compared to when I was in high school, but I’m struggling through it. I’m also a really bad driver. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 24 years old, and I’m afraid to drive anywhere new, so I only drive to school, to the grocery store, pharmacy, and my psychiatrist and psychologist.