Studying and coping away from home

I’m currently undiagnosed but I have possible schizoaffective disorder. I’m thinking about telling my doctor everything that goes on it my head, but I only have about a month left in town before I move away to a student dorm. How long would it take to get the meds to help cope with the delusions and impulses?
I’m also worrying about living with so many other people, I’m worried I might slip up and tell someone something and then they would assume I’m crazy and spread it around. I’ve recently changed my name because of the same issue and I don’t want to go through it again. All the judgement is putting me off finding a good therapist in my new city. I just want to start recovery as soon as possible and prevent it from affecting my student life.

Hei, it’s a good thing you are thinking prospectively, it shows that you are serious about your studies and mature. Also, it might show that you are not SZ. SZ do not have self-evaluation, it is very hard for us to realise that we have a problem, and it’s only after long endeavours from our friends and family that we start to understand what exactly is not “normal” in the way we think.

I’ve heard , on the other hand, of bipolar people realising that their houghts and urges are not normal.

I’d recomend you to go to the first pdoc you encounter, explain your problem and not leave until you get a solution. I find that the best way to be taken seriously in this situation is to have a member of your family go with you and sit through the session, be a witness some of your erratic behaviours, show it’s a problem. I dont know how it is in your country, but where I live not being taken seriously is a big problem in these situations, because of the stigma and of the fact that (again because of the stigma) mentally ill people do not come to the doctor unless someone forces them to.

I don’t think having people know you have a mental ilness is a problem, I think that those who don’t understand shouldn’t be in your life anyway. Not getting help when you need it is a real problem, so please go to see a doctor before you start your new life. It will help you a lot.

It will take days to weeks for the effectiveness of the medicine to manifest itself.

**Your health and wellbeing are more important.
I would say put off until next semester-get this other thing taken care of first. You can start school anytime!
Good luck and wishing you good health~~