Study of retinal structure and function in patients with major depressive

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Different eye movements have different neurobiological and mechanistic properties, and by combining different eye movement measures, it would become possible to integrate multiple facets of eye movement characteristics seen in schizophrenia. Arolt et al performed a discriminant analysis of healthy participants and participants with schizophrenia using ten eye movement measures obtained using saccade tasks and smooth pursuit eye movement tasks. They were able to distinguish 90.3% of the participants correctly.53 Benson and colleagues used 55 eye movement measures obtained using fixation stability tasks, smooth pursuit eye movement tasks, and free-viewing tasks, and combined these with machine learning techniques. Their results revealed a high discrimination rate of 98.3%.41 The authors of this review have created an integrated eye movement score that represents the eye movement characteristics of schizophrenia using seven eye movement tasks involving fixation stability tasks, smooth pursuit eye movement tasks, and the free-viewing task. We found that only five eye movement measures were sufficient to distinguish between participants with schizophrenia and healthy participants with a discrimination rate of 89.3%54, which makes them relevant in constructing the integrated eye movement score. Morita et al conducted a more thorough study using a larger dataset (85 participants with schizophrenia and 252 healthy participants) and demonstrated a similar discrimination rate (82.5%) using only three eye movement features.

If i understood it correctely, the eye movment can be used as a marker for sz (especially the smooth/sacadic eye movmentes), and other psychiatric illneses .

I only skimmed throught the articles thou. Nobody got time for that :exploding_head:

Not only eye movement but also heterochromia is related to sz and also finger deformation

This video explains and shows how smooth and saccadic movments are recognized.

i have neither orizontal nor vertical jerks fortonatly