Stronger than you think

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Sir, I have less backbone than a jar of worms!

My psychosis is stronger than APs.
That i know for sure


I know anyone that had or has psychosis is stronger than most who never enjurned hardship

it makes prefect sense

Give it time @Om_Sadasiva

sometimes time heals

healing takes time

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I don’t adhere to “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.
Sometimes, what doesn’t kill you leaves permanent scars and chip away at your self worth

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once we have good hearts

there is noting to worry about

we tryed our best in life

we are not bad people

Goodness isn’t a coin you put into a vending machine where good things come out in return.
Sometimes bad things happens to good people.

It’s ok to sometimes feel like you’ve been dealt a shitty hand.

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life isn’t fair across the board

but each moment is a gift and blessing imo

each breath you take is a gift and blessing

even the chance to be born is a gift

to excist

a chance to make stuff better

Wow, you are so profound I’m suprised they haven’t named you the next dalai lama

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I suffered and by doing that I let the light in

There can be a reason 4 everything in some ways

I reached a peace of mind in myself well mostly

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