Can going through psychotic episodes strenghten some people depending?

I think it can 100% in certain cases

Or it can break them completely !!


The psychosis isn’t what strengthens you, rather being able to recover from a psychosis is where strength can come from.


I agree but certain people can have the complete opposite

steel is strengthen under triemendous heat and pressure in a furnace its tempered many times to strengthen it…similar to some people who have went through the mill of aguish of psychosis

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I just wonder. I felt not intelligent from ages 11 to 27. But at age 28 I feel relatively smart again. Like I was considered from ages 0 to 10. They considered me somewhat gifted before I lost all my insight when I was 11-14 years old. I just wonder if it’s possible that schizophrenia was hiding my potential and gifts all these years. Like John Nash, his was from like ages 20-65. But they said at one point “his world returned to him”. And I’m not a genius like John Nash was but my mind is fairly unique, adjustable and agile like his was. I feel this almost moreso at 28 than at 10. At ten I was another face in the crowd. At 28, I have been given the gift or curse of grandiosity. So it sets me on a higher path and mission. Ahhhh.


Psychosis, like any other struggle, can and will make or break someone. Life is what we make it. I constantly have to check myself to see if I’m in over my head in a situation. That is something I never gave any thought before I got sick.

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Makes me weaker.

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Well if you think life has a purpose you can always say “this is the path I was given”. I hope life has a purpose. And in the end it’ll make us stronger and more equipped for sure. But maybe that’s insanity. Idk.

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I would say what doesn’t kill you makes you mentally ill. When you challenge the Gods you get a response for sure.
We got a purpose for sure. Maybe you are someones foundation but feel like an unwanted discarded brick.
With age comes responsibility and what you feel is sometimes anything else. Nobody knows what you are doing till you stop doing it. I like your contributions, the site with one person only contributing is pointless but as a group it makes sense. That is enough purpose for me.



How? How do you let go of what you lost? How do not think of what you could have if you didn’t have schizophrenia? @Dunno1

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Acceptance. 151515

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Amen. I agree with you. Thank you. Well said.

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I think learning to recover from psychosis and how to avoid it can make a person stronger.
But psychosis in itself is proven to cause brain damage, so it literally makes you weaker.

Brains aren’t like steel. Pressure them too hard, and they “break”. But sure, surviving the experience could make a person stronger or wiser I suppose.

folks give yourselfs a bit of credit like

When life hands you lemons. Pass the salt and grab the tequila.

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Psychosis weakens me physically but strengthens me emotionally.

I was in two hospitals and in the second one I did everything I could to get better. I participated in all of the therapy activities even though I was so anxious. I came home and had forgotten all of my passwords. I was thinking, oh sh1t, I can’t use my tablets or computer. I think I am a different person after going through all that. I am not stronger, but I am still here.