Strong depression, feel fated


Hello everyone.
I was a little afraid to start this conversation, but I need help.
I was a heavy smoker for many years. Of course, now I understand that it’s careless to smoke so many years and then start thinking about mental health. I’m a very sensitive person and very emotional. But smoking made me even more nervous. I was trying to give up but still couldn’t do that.
Then I’ve decided to change cigarettes for vapes. I’ve read on the Vapingdaily that they can help give up smoking easily. I still use it, but I feel so depressed and lack of energy to continue. Sometimes I want just give up and start smoking again. I have no on to support me.
I came to one article, unfortunately, I can’t share it with you here. They tell about ways of clearing lungs after quitting smoking.
I’ve bought 5 flower pots. I have many green creatures in my home now. At least I have something to take care of.
Maybe someone can give me an advice what can I do more?
Would be happy to receive any help.


Hi Margaret!

First, are you on medication? If not, you probably should be. Depression is nothing to mess around with. Second, if you are on meds, talk to your prescribing doctor. You may need an adjustment.

Now that that’s out of the way… Quitting smoking can cause a lot of stress, so it’s no surprise that you feel like going back to it- it’s an addiction! I quit a pill habit, and I am still tempted. It’s been over a year for me. I’m glad you have plants to take care of. Have you ever thought of getting a pet? Pets can be very therapeutic and have even been shown to prolong their owner’s lives. You can also join a support group. It would be a great way to get out, discuss what you’re feeling with people who understand and can empathize, and maybe make some friends. If you are in the US, you can check out the NAMI site to see what groups are in your area. I hope that helps a little.


Thank you for such a quick answer. NO I’m not on medication. I’ve heard that people when start using them should take pills all life. Is that true? I’m afraid of that.
And having a pet is a great idea, but I’m allergic to pets. That’s my dream to have a cat. But I can’t :cry::weary:


People who have psychotic tendencies usually need meds all their lives to avoid psychotic breaks. It sucks, but it’s better than going crazy. Much better.

If you are just depressed, you may not need medication forever. And seriously, taking pills isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Where will you be if your depression escalates and causes you to lose your job because you stop caring? Your home because you can no longer pay the bills? There are worse things than medication. Mental health has to come first.


Oh really.
You’ve just opened my eyes.
Really there are much worse things.
Maybe I’ll take all my braveness together and go to the doctor to prescribe me something.


Please tell me you’re not being sarcastic.


Oh of course no, please sorry if I made you feel like that. Of course I’m not sarcastic.
You’re the first person to whom I talk about such problems. How can I offend you


Maybe someone can recommend some medications without going to the doctor?


If no one answers me at least I’ll let you know that I’m alive. I’m as lonely in my life as here.


For proper med therapy, you do indeed need a prescription from a doctor, and for psychiatric meds that means a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. It would be in your best interests to treat the depression.


Thanks for not letting me here alone.
I’ll think about that


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