Streaming Video, Games, and the "Truth"

Was wondering if anybody streamed Live for youtube or twitch to watch. I considered doing it sometimes, but I don’t think my comp can handle it. I only really play 1 game currently and im not that great to entertain. I would like to see what you guys are up to. If you are a streamer or youtuber, how do you deal with your audience? You can post interesting random video’s also to relate with other members.

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I guess nobody wants to post…

I think @flameoftherhine used to post youtube videos of games he played. But I’m not sure he’s on the forum now.

coo, I see his youtube link on his name. doesn’t seem like he posted anything new for a year now.

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I run an online radio station and stream audio of myself live on occasion, but never video.

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Streaming with schizophrenia is a really brave choice, you won’t see many doing that.

There’s a girl named Sweet_Anita who streams with Tourette’s though. Here’s one of her tamer videos:

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Curious, what game do you play that you would stream? You might be surprised what some people are willing to watch you play. A lot of under streamed games get attention when nobody else is streaming them.

I made a mobile game and realized I needed to make some vids to promote it. I made a couple and I sound like a ■■■… it’s harder than you think. It’s usually left to experts ie actors to do it.

Part of it is the gear, part of it is practice. What kind of audio setup do you have?

Just my mobile phone Mr S, I’m an amateur.

Gotcha. Lemme know when you’re ready to upgrade to a better mic and I can help you dodge some scams and get bang for your buck.

Ok thanks, but it’s not the mike it’s doing the narration.

It’s harder than it looks/sounds!

Do you have vids with your narration Mr S? It’s not easy…

If anyone is interested in hearing me sounding gay, look at the vids on ‘Max Fantastic Lite’ on the play store… honestly it’s not as easy as it looks :slight_smile:

I currently only play starcraft 2, I don’t really have any other games to play. I sorta do but I cant do gaming in long periods. I need a better comp or graphics card to try some newer stuff. im not that great at it, but I think I have potential if I was able to actually get into it.

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