Strange Dreams. Early morning

I keep having vivid, strange dreams because I’ve been “out” of smoke for a week. Typical of withdrawal symptoms from weed, but I enjoy the dreams although I am up right now because they were so vivid.

I once had a dream that my teenage friend was fighting two saber tooth tigers who eventually killed my friend. I screamed “no!” at the tigers and they started trying to get into my bedroom window and I awoke and called next door to my friends house to talk to him because I was scared, and his mom said “he’s gone to Tulsa to party”. His parents let Adam do anything he wanted and it turned out the next morning my mom threw the daily paper in on the table and said “isn’t that Adam?” It was, he had died in the night from drinking whiskey and taking qualudes. His heart stopped.
I have always paid a lot of attention to my dreams ever since.

Last night I dreamed that my father was dying? Kind of worried.

I often look up my dreams here
It can give great insight to what your going through.

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Dreams can be scary. I dreamed about 9/11 before it happened. I was really chocked by the dream an even more when it actually happened.

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I happened upon a get together the other night.

It was a meeting for a bunch of alien looking things in hoods.

I don’t know what i was doing there actually, just kind of happened upon it.

They were almost like a dead person, just staring at things, no feeling whatsoever, just machines.

It was some creepy ■■■■ i tell you!

And then another night i was at a girl’s place i knew but she wasn’t home. I found some stuff there that could be used for a suicide, except the stuff was in what looked like those freezer pops packages.