Story about... two fathers?

Okay, I really rarely open this stuff,
but I need your insights.
In reality, one father is who raised me. But probably he is not a biological one, even though he always acts good to me (few times acted horrible) but most of the time I feel like his actual daughter.
Another one… who I predict is my actual father- is my godfather. Reality is, no one ever told it to my eyes, who is the real one.
Godfather was near my family all the time. Expensive gifts, he bought us vocations, holidays (for me and my mom), try to contact and meet me and my mum every week… Also, he is really sweet, and gentle to me- sometimes says things, which are really sweet and well… he sometimes sounds like father.
I even look more similar to he, more like him! That’s how I feel. He also has delusional disorder I believe… (which could explain my psychosis) Because he really, really sometimes says very unlikable things. Unrealistic ones.
Some people in my family said to others ((not to me)) that the real father is my godfather. But the father who raised me always says “Noooo, I’am your real father”
Even my grandma said “IDK who’s your father”
Problem is… like I know, that probably real father is my godfather… But that’s not always clear to me.
Actually, I even asked to do DNA, and no one agreed to do it.
It’s like… deep inside I know, but also, I am never sure 100%.
What would you do if you were me?
And, from my story, who is more likable to be my real father?


Your father is whoever you choose.

My son was adopted by gay guys at birth.

So he has three dads.

His biological father and his two dads.

In a way, he’s chosen all of them, by the way he loves them,

But his real fathers adopted him and raised him.

All this to say,

I don’t think you have to pick.

You have these fathers in your life,

Both seem like good figures that love you,

Just take that in.

That said,

I don’t think it’s right they won’t allow you the DNA test.

I believe it is your right to know.

Still, it’s not all about that.


Thanks. That was a very good advice,
I also believe it’s my right to know, but I adore both these men. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry you have this ambiguity, it must feel awful, the mystery. But it’s sweet that you love both of them. I’m an open person and would say things like “hey, I don’t know if you are my bio dad, but it doesn’t matter, I couldn’t love you more”. But I’m kind of pushy like that.


Well, I thought about saying something similar to that…
That’s one of the biggest mysteries in my life, indeed :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t know how you stay so calm about it, you must be very patient.


I’ve had several fathers in my life, but the one I count is the one who raised me to adulthood. I think of him as my actual dad even though I’m adopted.


I would say a person’s father is the one who raised them . My dude does not know who his father is and was raised by just his mom.


I only see the same eye and skin colour. There is also something cheeky about both of you. Well I see it more in your expressions than his.

You’re very welcome :smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face:

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I’m a bit confused, sorry. Is that your biological father? No it’s your godfather yea?

Yeah it’s godfather. But he is possibly a biological father also :confused:

The one who lives with me could be not my father at all… strange story.

No one tells the truth

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