I don't know my Father's past


I thank the universe that i’m female. He tells me he has no other kids but me. He told my mom she wouldn’t let him see the baby. He lies now .i dont trust him esp after he abused me once as a child.

I know how much they love their father that raised them and are hurt not being bio to him. Sorry I’m crying. Hold on

I have to move on . I’m fighting mental illness. Here you go universe. Don’t weep and form another planet.


Go ahead run me the ■■■■ over. Might make a bus driver happy. I don’t care.


Hope you can find peace of mind doing something. The noise-isolating headphones should help some. Can you hook them up to TV?


Probably. I broke the headphones a few days ago.


What happened to them? There’s probably a warranty for them if they’re new, also.


Found by dumpster so no good really


I don’t even know who my father is. I refer to him as “the sperm donor”.


Why the hell are they mad at me?


Does it matter? Do your own thing and don’t let this stuff drag you down.


Yeah. I’m so used to being an only child. It doesn’t matter.