Stop being so bloody sensitive

Note: This is in creativity. Try and be more creative than thinking you have the right to judge or be offended


My mom always thought me that sensitive people lose in life.

Don’t know what to believe.

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Yes, but what way is right then that…
Being hard to others doesn’t win in the end…

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I can’t help but to point out that telling people to “stop being so bloody sensitive” is a judgement in and of itself :stuck_out_tongue: .

But I agree that people can be too sensitive. Everyone judges to some degree though.


That’s my judgement of what I have seen here. I would cite examples that lead me to this conclusion, but I don’t want to single out users, as ya know, sensitive souls


I agree, people can be too sensitive.

Unless something is universally triggering, it’s not the trigger that’s the problem, it’s your psychology that needs to be fixed.

For example if someone calls you crazy because you have schizophrenia and that upsets you then you have to work on yourself so you’re not triggered/offended by that. If someone calls me crazy I don’t care. So the trigger, i.e. being called crazy isn’t the problem, otherwise it would bother both of us the same way. The problem is your psychology and the fact that it bothers you. You can change your attitude through self help and/or therapy so you are no longer bothered by your trigger anymore. That will make you a stronger and happier person, instead of running off to a safe space and blaming the world around you.

For the record I don’t like being called crazy but I dont get triggered by it.

The only thing that triggers me is the loss of my liberty, but “fixing” my psychological state so I’m okay with not being free doesn’t make any sense.


My criticism is that safe spaces are being created by default all over the place.

What do I know anyway in my silo

I have been off work for too long and I have been interacting more and more on the internet

It baffles me how people behave and take issue with things like it’s a right to get offended about stuff that they really don’t need to be

If someone has a different opinion to you, then I’m afraid you’ll have to cancel everyone else in the world until you have a small cult that agrees with your behaviour


I’m not offended as much as I can disagree and defend pov or debate.

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There’s always this:

You’re welcome.

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Reddit?!?! Hahaha, no thanks. Seems like Facebook comments got its own website!

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I agree. Too many people think their being offended gives them entitlement. People are quick to shrug off the responsibility of their personal sensitivities onto whomever they believe is causing the offense.

Instead of dealing with being offended, and taking ownership of one’s sensitivity, it’s easier to not deal with it at all and pass it on to someone else.

It’s also sad to see it encouraged by so many. Someone cries “I’m offended!” and people flock to defend them, even when most of the time, it’s just a disagreement of opinion.

Reminds me of a meme…


Well, it definitely isn’t a safe space.

It is if you like being an @$$h0l3 without much in the way of consequences.

A safe space for a*holez. Perfect description.

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Ah. It’s a millennial problem is sensitivity. We have become entitled.

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I find many people actually enjoy being offended…gives them the holier-than-thou one-up on the other person so to speak.

But usually these types of people are just too weak spirited to agree to disagree and move on. They’d rather play the “I’m so upset and offended card” to garner sympathy.

It really can be annoying when thoughtful people get shut down by the whiners.


Millennials are worst generation. Hopefully our offspring see our mistakes and become less selfish and less offended all the bloody time.

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Have you not interacted with Boomers?



I’ve noticed it’s more the Boomers and Gen Z that are the most sensitive.

Millennials are old at this point.

We’ll be ruling the world soon.

Qwertle is a mini millennial. Lol