Still need to lose some weight

I look like Hank Hill lol You ever see that episode about his flat ass? :joy:

You ain’t the only one…

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I’ve lost a lot, and I have 7 more pounds to lose. It’s really hard, but possible to lose weight while taking APs. Good luck!

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Wow you’re awesome. 7 pounds to go is nothing.

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I don’t get completely dressed unto in my bedroom.


just wondering.

Thanks. I’m down 94 pounds (42.6 kg)


That’s just fantastic @Zannah ! You’ve lost almost double the weight I have. You do know I’m very proud of you, you know?


Thanks @SkinnyMe . That means a lot to me

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You know @Zannah that as two of the few people in this website community who have lost a lot of weight naturally and without surgery, we have a responsibility to other members on this website to be good examples and even deacons of hope for their weight loss journeys. We can do this by supporting, advising and encouraging others in their own journeys and all the while walking our talk.

I didn’t need to post this. I’m sure you agree.


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