Is akathisia permanent or not?

thats my question :slight_smile: the only problem is that i cant remember if i had it without meds or its because of meds now… correctors dont help.

No it goes away when you stop the med causing it

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and it cant go away if i am on the med thats right? cause some say it can be relieved with time… :confused:

e(Y)e Know that You have To Stop Taking Tha med For it To Go Away … ,

With Me Haldol Took About 2ish Days For me To Feel how e(Y)e’m Supposed To Feel … ,

So After Tha Med Is Gone It Won’t Come Back …

till when i am gonna to change meds? ive tried zyprexa,seroquel,invega,solian,abilify,zeldox,clopixol,fluanxol etc…

Invega Works For Me … ,

I hated Seroquuel ,

Zyprexa Didn’t Bother Me … ,

Have You ever Heard Of SAPHRIS (???) ,

if You haven’t Tried It Perhaps See If You Can Get Changed … ,

It Dissolves Under Your Tongue … ,

I had Zero Probs Wit Thaz 1 …

no akathisia on invega sleepoptimistic while you had it on haldol? is it calming the invega? good for hypersensitity to colors?

Ask your doctor for cogentin…it helped my akathesia.

A benzo will do the trick too but “mucho peligro” is something I once was told about benzos.

Hmm ,

Now That e(Y)e Don’t Know … , (about colours) , I Never Had Any Of Those Issues … ,

but e(Y)e Do Know thaz It May Take Away Other T(Y)Pe$ 0V Hallucinations … ,

I Used To See Faces In Everything That Would Smile THEN Frown , Laugh and THEN Cry , After INVEGA That Started To Jus Disappear In Lyke a Day … ,

No guarantee for Your Colours … , and It’s Naught Any Sort Of Calming Agent , It Jus Makes Tha Bullshazz Disappear … ,

e(Y)e STILL Am Paranoid , Sometimes ideas of Reference … , Hmm What Else , I STILL Hear Voices , But Thine INVEGA Is Slowing My Raysing down and Giving Me a Chance To Think Throo before e(Y)e Wreck Another Car …,

So I Guess Check it Out and See … ,

Much Better Than Haldol …

I Have No idea What You Are Saying but Tis True XANAX Is Tha Best Legal Drug On Tha Market , and yes One Can Get Addicted … ,

Before e(Y)e Was Diagnosed , e(Y)e Took an Entire Prescription of XANAX and About Two Days Latur After
e(Y)e Ate Them All , e(Y)e Was Already Feeling Sick and Effed Up … , So e(Y)e Tried To Drink a 12 Pack In ONE Min. , To See If It Could Overwhelm tha Xanax Hurting ,

Didn’t Do a Thing … ,

N E Hoo , Best Of Luck To You @Anna1

Mucho peligro=A lot of danger

i cant change anymore. i cant make the procedure to have my meds without paying. its too complicated for me. my mom doesnt want to help me anymore. it will be or invega, or zyprexa 10 mg if the akathisia is bad. ill call my pdoc monday, i cant stand this… otherwise sleep, which one was stronger for you -zyprexa or invega? i am on 4 mg of haldol…

Dont take meds on top of haldol, you might die if you do

Even cogentin??

we dont have it here. plus its really bad… ill stop haldol yes,its going worse and worse… its a pitty cause it really calmed my demons the haldol but as i know if i should be sincere, the akathisie doesnt go away like this while on med…

No thats okay as far as I remember, cogentin is okay. More AP’s is not okay

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otherwise, i’ll lost my progress with haldol while switching or not in your opinion? :slight_smile:

Ok Thus Mite Sound Stupid ,

But Here’s My Personal Lab Rat Experience and Study Of Such and It Goes Lyke Thus … ,

Zyprexa is Veiny if That makes Sense , It’s Highly Pharmacutical , It Didn’t do Much For My Delusional Pissed Off Brayne , for Me … , It Was Useless , It Almost Felt Lyke a Placebo Drug , My Advice is Skip that One and Go With INVEGA , e(Y)e Don’t Twitch and Or Roll Around Tha House For Hours … , Speaking Of Haldol … ,

and As Long As You Take Them As Prescribed Those Drugs Are Naught Going To Kill You … ,

INVEGA has Little To Absolutely ZERO Side Affects , They Will tell You that You Will Twitch With it , but It’s A LIE , That Drug Is Safe As Milk … ,

Drop tha Haldol and Embrace Invega , Zyprexa is Machinery Strong … , Jus Means Its No Good … , Kinda Lyke Using You To See What You Are ABle To Do With It Clouding Your ever Elusive Brayne …

but if i like haldol which is strong probably i need more zyprexa than invega no?

If You Are Willing To be a Tested Medical Gorilla …,

Invega Isn’t Weak , jus Invisible As It Does What It Does …

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