Still excited about book sales...Out of It

I only sell about thirty books or so a year but I am thankful for it…love it that my book gets read still…self published in 2005.


Your very fortunate… My self published book thru Amazon Kindle has sold 0 copies…other than one last year I accidently bought on instant click …

my self publish company cancelled kindle on my book…all I have is paperback sales now…sorry man…

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Not a problem :slight_smile: congrats :slight_smile:

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Have you tried marketing your book on social media?

It’s my understanding a lot of underground writers tend to rely on social media and YouTube for their marketing.


very good idea I must and will try later tomorrow.


I tried facebook for promoting my book and they were negligent about charging my bank account…like a month later and threw me off bad…I never used it again…plus it didn’t help my book sales…

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I would like to write a book but i am a lazy sod lol

I put my own self published autobiography on and so far, after 1 and a half years, I have had only one sale. And that sale was to a friend of mine.

I got two glorious reviews on my book and I put key points from the reviews on my book sale website: RedElmEnterprises.

I published my book under a pen name: Lisa M. Fina because my book discloses intimate details I’d rather not reveal to my family. That’s the reason why I hesitate to market my book on social media. So, as far as marketing is concerned, I don’t know where else to go besides

My book is titled, Unbalanced: The Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Bipolar Woman, by Lisa M. Fina.