Couldn't search my book on amazon a couple days...scared me

I thought maybe they stopped carrying the book but it’s right back in the seach engine again so I am relieved…


I’m glad it’s back :slight_smile:

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thanks !! I search it every day to check to see if I sold a book so it is something that frightened me.

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you don’t have to do that. KDP dashboard records sales.

Glad its back. I used to sell my university books on Amazon but they deactivated my account, I can’t login because I haven’t sold anything for a long time. I emailed them, they never responded so I emailed them from another email and they said they can’t give info because its not the account email. I don’t know what to do. May have to call them.

huh, I’ve never heard of that @ZombieMombie one day I just look up the numbers to see if it shifted in ranks of sales…I want to see the day it takes off on amazon…

How do you have a book for sale without using KDP?

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but books rarely just take off on Amazon.

It takes work. You have to promote it on social media, through book review bloggers, email promotion, and advertising.

It’s a lot to do.


You ought to see about getting an agent.

There’s an issue there. He already published the book. Almost all agents prefer to represent unpublished books.

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haha I am only dreaming out loud…I know the book will never take off because I have no way of promoting the book…I have been approached by scam agents wanting to advertise the book…and then just the other day I heard @SkinnyMe say she paid thousands to get self published…lots of scams out there.

You can promote via social media. Ot is pretty easy to create an author page on FB. And a Twitter.

Thus Much is True. Search For ‘Sponsors’ on Facebook. And Yuu Will Be Able to Advertise on Their Platform. Depending on How Much Yuu Invest.

Now (As a Slight Warning in My Own Ignorance), I Know That Thus Much is True For Music. I Honestly Dunno About Books.

My Two Cents!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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wow…thanks…!! @ZombieMombie

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Anything you want to know about the publishing game, I can try to help. It’s how I made my living.

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do I search author pages on fb? how do I go about doing that exactly? @ZombieMombie

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I think the game is rigged towards schizophrenics. Call it the universe self-correcting itself or karma, I don’t know.

I cannot get a following. I notice other people like me get more attention. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

It just seems it’s harder making money and having a life with schizophrenia even if one is more talented and hardworking.

@ZombieMombie I did it…and on pay day for $10 I can reach 516 more people…thank you so much !!

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No problem! Good luck

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