Stigma must be pretty bad out there?

I don’t experience too much stigma from my family as I’ve been med compliant for 12 years straight and I do ok for quite some time except for I get the occasional “You worry too much.” But last night in telling my aunt about an interview i have coming, she cautioned me not to discuss my health or health care which I already knew. And I can’t count how many counselors or therapists have told me same advice. It must be pretty bad out there? That’s not good and I worry about that too… desimb

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I have not told them at work. I do a good job and that is what I want them to see. They don’t need to know about the other stuff. I have meds and symptoms are under control.

I already made a fool out of myself when I got ill. I was paranoid and convinced co-workers that my boss was a satanist. Then I was hospitalized and gone from work for almost 2 years. I’m back, but not as teamleader anymore.

its hard to know when to disclose and when not to in an ideal world we would all shout it from the rooftops show them we are caring kind people and that schizophrenia is nothing to be scared of but theyre reactions wont always be positive so people self protect and I don’t blame them.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking into having my son apply for a part time job and I asked our workers if we are supposed to tell them that the is under treatment and the answer was no. Legally you are not obligated to tell them as far as I can tell. I think once working at a place and your 3 month probation is up then would be the time to disclose this if you wanted them to know. Unfortunately when it comes to hiring someone a company can decide to not hire you for any reason. If I went to interview and told them I was having marital problems that was interfering with my ability to go to work every day then they could decide I was not worth the risk.

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The boss I have NOW knows about my health. I’m pretty open about my SZ, but I don’t remember discussing it at all during my interview. The interview was a panel interview and the questions were sort of shot at me. I barely remember having enough time to answer the questions, much less tell them anything extra. But I got the job in the first place through an outpatient therapy program. They did know about the past drug and alcohol abuse before I walked in.

I think that the media plays a big role in portraying schizophrenics and people with psychosis as being evil and violent. Most szs are not. People wouldn’t believe that I have sz and I don’t tell them either.

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I told Bryn Mawr College in my essays that I have schizophrenia. I won’t find out until April whether I got in or not. I’m hoping they won’t hold it against me. In fact, I purposed that it would be beneficial in my major–psychology. And I also told them that I got a 3.79 GPA despite my diagnosis. It’s a hard school to get into, especially if you’re poor, which I am, because they cover all but $2,000 per year tuition if you’re too poor to pay.


Man I get a lot of stigma. I have this hideous frown on my left hand and a discount mark on my forehead. Its almost like schizophrenia is supposed to hurt u for someone else’s amusement

I think it’s the fear that you’re going to go off your rocker unexpectedly. Which happens…

Good luck…

Thank you. Much appreciated. :smile:

Umm yeah stigma is bad out there.

People often think schizophrenia means something other than “organic brain disease”, they think that it’s because of a parenting style or due to psychological factors or something, but it runs in my family and I showed signs as a kid even…and psychiatrists ruled out the parenting style myth decades ago…

Anyways, I plan on working in the mental health scene, my doc’s recommend it as I am studying psychology and I have insight into the one of the worst mental illnesses in the DSM-IV axis system, so I will be open about my schizophrenia. I want to work in a mental hospital, and so I would have to tell them that I am in remission and on medication. Once you’re on medication and successfully treated, you could hide it from employers, but in the field I plan on going into, I really can’t, as it’s the one reason I am pursuing that career- I want to help people who were like me. I feel like I owe my life to mental health services, I was one sick puppy and now I am functioning very highly.

It’s not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to work in mental health services if they are recovered. Being a therapist would be another thing, you cant have patients knowing that you’re schizophrenic while you give them therapy.

the guy who evaluated me showed me my scores on the MMPI-2 and then said “If you recover from this, you will make an incredible shrink”. I hope I can.

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I plan on telling grad schools I have schizophrenia…I will have to ask my shrink if this is a good idea, but I kinda figure having experienced mental illness first hand would be a good thing on your resume. I don’t know what else I would write an essay about!

I am scared to tell anyone but then again no one needs to know at work. I know I am not obligated to tell them and I know that if I had I would NOT have got this job that i am so good at.

I deal with stigma everyday from my in laws. They don’t like me around and they think i can just snap out of it. The first question they asked when my partner told them i had schizophrenia was, “is she dangerous?” its like seriously? that’s what you ask?.

I have had more problems with extended family then I ever had from perfect strangers. So I just ignore that part of the family and stick with those who make me happy.


not sure what you’re “out there” is, might be a european out there,
gotta tell you, in america, well, if there is stigma whatever,
there is such a huge population of insane people in the big cities,
there really seems to me to be zero stigma.
i’m sure somewhere some college graduate looks down on us all
and considers us stigmatized with mental illness.
personally, i discuss it with people in sentence one.
“I am a schizpophrenic”
“I practice schizophrenia”
at the doctors office last week i said loudly in the waiting room
“I’m a diagnosed schizophrenic”,
i look for negative attention, feed off it,
but don’t find that saying im insane gets me any.
you gotta actually threaten people to get the negative attention you want,
in a big city in america anyway.
just saying you are insane doesn’t impress them

at jobs i experiment
i work in IT and can get several good new jobs every year.
couple of years ago I had a corner office in a glass tower on a tenth floor in san francisco
worked as a network architect for mtm,
yes i got canned for being mentally unstable,
but kept up a sane act for six months before i opened up.
so keep quiet and you get to keep the job.
announce sz, and they are just frightened, think you will sue.
so they are extremely nice to you at first,
as in please don’t sue us.
but first legitimate chance they get you are poiitically out of there.
job before that i kept for 6 months.
day one on the interview they asked about sz
cause they had googled me.
i said i just know how to be annoying if i want to and they call that sz.
so they hired me, boss said he had bipolar.
but i kept quiet for 6 months.
one day i announced i don’t believe in gravity,
bipolar boss just waitin for that ran out and said neither did he.
then i told everybody to google me.
the whole office spent the next hour reading this website.
nah, i think that made me more of a comical character.
nobody was scared cause i didn’t threaten them.
oh yeah one day i did, i left at the end of the day mad,
boss comes following me and approaches me a mile from the job a t atrain stop.
I smashed my phone on the ground and threated to attack him physically.
he backed off.
next day at the job he apologized,
said he had no right to pursue me offsite.
i said nobody was in danger, demons were on a leash
that job didn’t can me i walked out,
was ridiculous, commuting once a week by 4 hour train and living in a hotel 5 days a week.
that was back when i had wife, back in bay area to come home to, from sacramento.
she usd to like me back then!
eventually she left me and is suing for divorce based on “incurable insanity”;

eventually nobody can handle it


That’s my pick up line when I see a lady I’m trying to impress. She’s less concerned with my mind and will listen with interest…
until I tell her about my wallet… It’s not a bulging wallet.
I’m a gardner, I’ve got a green thumb, not a green wallet. Then they walk away.

yeah women love it;
though i don’t like flirting or mating.
women and dogs and birds
go nuts for psychotic passion.

the girls want you to be psychotically passionate about them i think.
no idea what the dogs and the birds want.

another line to open up on madness is about the tea i drink.
i say this is only for asian emperors, between ten pm and midnight discussing philosophy and poetry.
and i am a shaman.
that’'s plenty enough to let a girl know you are psychotic.




i wanted to be a psych nurse,
asked my boss at the computer training school
if i could sit in the nursing classes,
he said onderdonk you could get that cert,
but as soon as you start talking to psych patients
they will take your license away and throw you out of there.
so now i just get myself put in psychiatric hold over the three day weekends,
talk to everybody intensely for a few days,
then go home and get some sleep.

they had a workshop for strategies for dealing with stress, at the psych hold one day.
i said “cry”, releases stress, fixes sz symptoms,
and some other guy, got mad, walked out,
said there’s some stuff guys just shouldn’t talk about.
that should be a thread, males and females here,
see how they react

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