Stem cell research and schizophrenia

There are some people researching stem cells and schizophrenia and they say

“Stem cells are able to become different types of cells, and in this case interneurons were selected. “We put in a lot of cells and not all survived, but a significant portion did and restored hippocampal and dopamine function back to normal,” Dr. Lodge said.”

So my question is when are they going to try this in humans? Like time is of the essence no? I would even be willing to be the first recipient of these treatments…

I won’t be here to reply I will be at the hospital since I relapse but I will check back when I am back!


i hope you are feeling better soon :heart:
take care :alien:

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That DOES sound promising!
But I`m like you, when is all the research going to manifest into the mainstream?
Glad you are taking care of yourself!
Get well soon :leaves: